They can chew on things and ruin the look of ornamental plants. Chipmunks should be attracted to it and should view it as a viable food source. If you are looking for prevention or cure, there is a wide array of products available for your every need. Poisoning the chipmunks can lead to secondary kills. They go deep into their tunnels during the winter to hibernate. Additionally, the burrows of a chipmunk can cause structural damage to buildings if they are big enough. The poison peanuts come in a handy 6-ounce container. They eat a wide variety of foods and are harder to bait and trap than most rodents such as voles, mice, and rats. If you find cracks, crevices, or holes, be sure to fill them as soon as possible. Can mouse or rat poison kill chipmunks? The tiny rodents use these burrow systems as their shelter for sleeping, but they also store food there. At least, you’ll know, how cost-effective it can be to hire a Pest Control company for your little home. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a little more knowledge of the rodent living in your yard or home. The chipmunk is specifically identifiable by its brown fur which ranges from a chocolate to a reddish color with five black and two white stripes on the chipmunks back. This is all the information you'll need to get rid of chipmunks. Another Farnam product, these pellet packs provide a fast and effective indoor and outdoor chipmunk control. A little extra information can give you a step-up in this battle and may help you conquer it quicker. If you are trying to get rid of the chipmunks in your yard, we recommend taking a look at a few of what we believe are the best poisons out there. Contrary to popular belief, chipmunks are not just cute little animals that cause no harm. The ramifications of a chipmunk invasion can lead to serious problems for the homeowner as they can cause structural damage to the house by burrowing into the house, under stairs and patios, digging holes in the garden to create burrows and if left unchecked will breed out of control. The Tomcat bait product is available in extruded block form, chipmunk poison pellets, place packs or in a liquid concentrate depending on the user’s individual needs. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying a pesticide online, then it may take a much longer time to arrive than expected. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. There are many preventative measures that can be used, but it is best to use chipmunk poison in the long run. Last update on 2020-07-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Wasp Exterminator Cost: How Much It Cost for Wasps? Having any kind of pest infestation can be a nightmare and in some cases, extreme measures must be taken to remove the menace. They also make "poison peanuts" for moles and gophers and chipmunks. Chipmunks have a very wide diet, meaning they get into a lot of things. Can mouse or rat poison kill chipmunks? Chipmunks love to eat and hoard their food, they will consume just about anything on offer in the home or garden. They can disturb gardens to find fruit, seeds, and nuts. Let’s take a look at some preventative steps that can be taken to prevent an infestation of chipmunks. It is the former part of that diet that gets them in the most trouble. They also enjoy various fruits, roots, herbs, bulbs and mushrooms, this foraging can wreak havoc on the vegetable garden and flower patches. The Victor Mole and Gopher poison peanuts are extremely easy to use. Their chewing can cause damage to your home. WHAT WON’T WORK FOR CHIPMUNK INFESTATIONS ^ 1) Baiting with “Poison Peanuts” or other Rodent bait. With the original intention of controlling rats and mice, the Motomco Farm and Home Bait Chunx is an excellent choice for eliminating small rodents like chipmunks as well. While the damage they can cause is usually minimal, it can still be irritating. This is a rare occurrence, but should too many chipmunks gather in one area the burrows underground could grow large enough to cause whatever is on top of them to cave in. | Everything You Want To Know. The FarnamNo Touch pellets are sold in a 4-pound pail containing 88 place packs, more than enough to cover a substantial area around the home and garden. | Updated for 2020 Motomco Farm & Home All-Weather Bait Chunx JT Eaton Bait Block JF Oakes Pro-Pest Non-Toxic Trap Lure for Mice and Rats Best Chipmunk Baits Anyone who has seen a chipmunk in their yard knows that they are cute,... Chpimunks are a cute little creatures that can cause large amounts of damage. 07-05-2010, 06:05 PM #3. kdbeaar. affiliates. The poison acts quickly, killing rodents as they eat it. That could pose a challenge if customers decided to use the product indoors. Do Gophers Carry Rabies? They also take advantage of natural shelters such as piles of logs or stones. Small inexpensive fencing can be an effective preventative measure. If the animal takes the food and stores it for a couple of months before eating it, the poison has a chance to become less effective. Last update on 2020-07-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The last approach we will look at when culling chipmunks is poison. When it comes to the choice of homes, the chipmunk is quite versatile. This will prevent even the smallest chances of serious damage or a further infestation. Keeping your yard and surrounding areas clean and well-kept is a deterrent for chipmunk infestation. They are known to chew ornamental plants, dig up and eat flower bulbs, and scavenge fruit from your garden. The bottom line is that if a chipmunk somehow made its way into your home, it probably wants to get out as much as you want it out. The unique design of the packaging is made specially for underground rodents, including chipmunks. The active poison ingredients will kill them off, solving your chipmunk or other rodent problem. During this time, a female will give birth to a litter of four or five babies. When breeding season comes around, the female’s pregnancy lasts about one month and she can give birth to an average litter size of between two and eight babies. Fortunately, the product tastes like peanut butter. If you need help, click on my Nationwide List of Chipmunk Removal Experts for a pro near you. (Or Bubble Gum). Sweeney’s Mole and Gophers Poison Peanuts Pellets is a small volume option that uses flavored peanut pellets to attract and kill rodents.

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