é-Organic-GINGER-Canister/dp/B079KK1BDM We love how our blend perfectly highlights the warm, peppery and sweet flavors found in ginger root. If you often feel tired and depressed, then this tea can be an effective reliever to help refreshing mind and promoting bowel movement. The ginger we grow in Teatulia ® ’s USDA-certified organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh is what we use to produce our Ginger Herbal Tea blend—a warm, rich and spicy herbal blend of ginger and vasaka leaf. However, please note that it’s better not to drink ginger black tea after 3 pm, otherwise easy to get you inflamed. It starts out spicy then the freshest taste of pear. After trying different teas and reading about them, I decided to try Tea Fortes WHITE GINGER as my first white tea. A delicate white tea made with sweet, mellow peach and warming ginger. This infusion blends hand plucked, gently dried, delicate white tea, flavoured with fresh, fruity peach and warm, fiery ginger. They're packed in our special biodegradable mesh pyramid bags. It is truly sublime- with a bite. Divide the lemon juice and slices between 2 mugs, along with the sliced Squeeze the juice from one half and slice the rest. One of two teas I like where I do not add honey. Ginger black tea is a natural laxative which helps to promote bowel movement. Cut the lemon in half. I first smell ginger then after the ginger I get a clean, light sweet pear smell and the tea tastes exactly like that on the palette.

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