I will sometimes run Smokey and the Bandit as a surrogate person in the room when I’m home by myself; it’s great company. Here is the approximate address of the vacant lot where it wince stood. Photo location: Mundy’s Mill Road, near the entrance to Mundy’s Mill High School, Jonesboro, Georgia. The Bandit and Snowman finally arrive in Texarkana. Today, Willow Bend subdivision is still there, a footnote in the history of Smokey and the Bandit. Fittingly, Mount Cook was used for the filming of the Mountain of Moria. The mountainous scene you are speaking of was coming off of Unicoi Mtn into Helen, Ga. Photo location: Highway 54 and Mundy’s Mill Road, Jonesboro, Georgia. The once white house is now painted in red, white, and blue. And admit it, when the Bandit drove that Starlight Black Trans Am out of the back of that 18-wheeler, you know you wanted one. Not long after jumping over the river, the Bandit drops Frog off at a local bus stop and restaurant. Still, for years I’d see Trans Ams everywhere as their popularity surged after the success of the first movie. Filmed at Karakida Pottery Place in Nagano, Japan Check out full version here. We especially liked Fangorn Forest because of its untamed forestry and obscure appearance. It looks like we don't have any Filming & Production for this title yet. What appears to be a two-lane highway is actually a rural road through the outskirts of town. When you saw the preview on TV for the first time, you couldn’t wait to get to the box office, reach into your pocket, and pull out $2.25 for admission. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won 11 Oscars out of the 17 awarded to the series. However, the oak tree behind the Bandit’s Trans Am is still there. Despite the Lord of the Rings feeling like it was filmed from another planet, the Lord of the Rings motion pictures were filmed entirely in New Zealand. I always get a thrill seeing those scenes!! Photo location: Lakewood Fairgrounds, Atlanta, Georgia. ( Log Out /  The building across the street is now PJ’s Cafe. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Sheriff Justice gives chase and the movie ends. From there, he has two choices. As an ex-convict, Lee Ferguson's biggest desire is to leave his past behind and make a fresh start with Katie, his new love. Today, the house where they started their journey is long gone. Photo location: Macon Street and Rogers Street, McDonough, Georgia. Over the sheriff’s right shoulder is a sign advertising homes for sale in a subdivision being built. Also notable for a Trans Am of course which had also featured in a film, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974), a few years earlier. Peter Jackson's version of the Shire is a close match to author J. R. R. Tolkien's description. Photo location: Forest Parkway, Forest Park, Georgia. After the race track closed, the grandstands fell into disrepair and have practically crumbled over the years. Also similarly, they were the locations for two of the most epic battles seen in Lord of the Rings. Does anyone have a location for where The Bandit and Frog were 10-10 on the side in the woods, kissing on the bridge? The Hobbit movies didn't work as well as Lord of the Rings for numerous reasons. How the area was transformed into a Lord of the Rings set is astounding. The space is empty now near the corner of Macon Street and Highway 20/81. Lord of the Rings would have been a different movie if it were filmed elsewhere. It was our house and my sister is the one who opens the truck door for Burt Reynolds. Where Did The Legend Of Werewolves Begin, And Was There Any Truth To It? Diane Green – thank you for taking time out of your Sunday morning to take our managing editor to almost all the locations that needed photographing. The rolling green hills and mountain ranges make New Zealand fit for filming Lord of the Rings. If it were open when the Bandit and Snowman came to town, it probably would have been a great place to grab a hot cup of joe and some breakfast before heading back to Atlanta. The car hop burger joint was filmed in LA. I remember driving up to work and wondering “why does that look familiar?”. One can find specialty Hobbit brews for sale in Matamata. You can see pieces of the warehouse as it exists today and other locations from the film including the “kiss bridge” in the following then and now video: https://youtu.be/lQjlU82c31Y, And this video shows several locations from Smokey 2, Hooper, and Sharky’s Machine as well as several other Burt classics: https://youtu.be/syi8Pts3ttg. The Undying Lands are not found in Lord of the Rings, but they are referenced numerous times. Actually, the house was located at 114 North Avenue, not North Street. Actually, they’ve never left the state of Georgia. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Photo location: North Avenue, Jonesboro, Georgia. My Mom was your Mom’s 1st cousin Virginia Betsill.. Hope all is well with you and your family. Sources: findingtheuniverse.com, kiwiexperience.com, backpackerguide.nz, ageofthering.com, scifi.stackexchange.com, media.newzealand.com, ranker.com, hobbitontours.com, onlinemba.com, forbes.com, fiordland.org.nz, newzealand.com, lightfoottravel.com. Lord of the Rings location travel guides highly recommend this location tour.". And he knows the Snowman is the man for the job. The Lord of the Ring trilogy is a remarkable achievement. In the background lies a Spanish colonial-style building on the adjacent fairgrounds. According to the website of thewrap.com, "The snow was actually a rice-based compound that severely irritated the skin and eyes of the actors. They’re hardly recognizable today because they’re hidden behind a grove of trees and can barely be seen. Smokey and the Bandit gave moviegoers an hour and 36 minutes of mayhem, tomfoolery, and just plain fun. Today, the only cheers these grandstands hear are those coming from the local amphitheater. The location is ideal for hiking and sightseeing. One part of the scene was filmed, then a year later, the other half was finished. It's the least an actor could do to prove he is more than an onscreen character. The Shire is meant to be lively with much shrubbery, real vegetable patches, and flowers. It lost the number one title to Star Wars. The little white house that the bandit drives towards is not the red roof house you have posted. The result of filming Mount Ngauruhoe and a post-filming finish of CGI was a spectacular Mount Doom, the mountain that was used to destroy the One Ring. The Bandit knows he needs a partner to help him get the beer back in time. It’s now time to load up 400 cases of Coors beer. The above scene occurred just after Gandalf sacrificed his life to give the remaining members time to escape. Many thought that Aragorn had passed away when he went missing after the Battle of the Wargs scene. It's undoubtedly a trip you won't regret—especially if your a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien works. We corrected the street name to Avenue. Deer Parks Heights contained the Battle of the Wargs scene, which included the part of Lord of the Rings when Aragorn fell off a cliff. My mom worked there for a while. Attention flat-Earthers who will find this factoid interesting. It's a spectacle to be seen, and it's even more special since Return of the King was filmed in Twizel. Director Peter Jackson chose the country because of its impeccably close resemblance to Middle-earth from the Tolkien books. Many people become lost in Fangorn Forest as areas of the forest look very similar. Today, it’s a coffee café on Main Street. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It's possible it could have erupted during filming but its highly unlikely. After watching the movie, you may think that it doesn't seem like they were all filmed so close together. What they find is a runaway bride (Sally Field) with a broken down Chevrolet Impala. According to the website of tolkiengateway.net, Middle-earth was flat when first created, and it later became a round world in the final books of The History of Middle-earth. It looks pretty much the same as the day when the Bandit and Snowman started their 28-hour run to Texarkana. ( Log Out /  Arkansas Sheriff Branford has high hopes of catching the Bandit.

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