Each color style that lies within the collection is inspired by European and North American woods, creating an authentic plank that will instantly transform any commercial and/or residential living space. Making life much easier in a lively home where spills and accidents are always occurring. Karndean … Each color style that lies within the collection is inspired by European and North American woods, creating an authentic plank that will instantly transform any commercial and/or residential living space. The collection consists of colors ranging from beiges and browns, to light and dark grays, providing you with a wide selection of striking styles and designs. The locking method allows installers to efficiently drop and lock planks together, allowing for a quick and easy project; especially for DIY individuals who are up for a fun and daring challenge. Korlok Reserve The award-winning Korlok Reserve range offers an assortment of oak, pine and walnut visuals across oiled, aged and limed finishes. The two colors presented in this group bring heavy sophistication within its rustic grains and looks stunning with modern and contemporary styles. }); Call an Efloors Representative Today for lowest pricing1-888-522-5456. Karndean Korlok not only is made up of attractive wood visuals, but is also designed with rigid core, which is a click locking floating floor. #btn2 { Following it's highly strong and dependable feature, it is also waterproof! The beige selection is made up of: Korlok Baltic Limed Oak, Warm Ash, English Character Oak, Texas White Ash, and Washed Swiss Pine. Whether your style is inspired by the tranquility of the sea or reclaimed rustics, you'll find the floor within Korlok Reserve to tie the elements of your space together. Perfect for a weekend job! Besides the unique benefits of its K-Core technology, acoustic backing and locking mechanism, Korlok also comes with the many other benefits of all Karndean Designflooring products. Karndean Korlok includes a number of components that help both the speed and ease of install, making it ideal for projects that require completing quickly, including drop and lock technology, very little subfloor preparation and no adhesive. Get the lowest prices and best service from Efloors.com. The grey group consists of Baltic Mistral Oak and Washed Grey Ash. Woods within the Korlok Van Gogh variety showcase withstanding American design and performance while catching nature in its rawest form. Whether you're seeking the beauty of our Antique French Oak, taken from a 17th-century French chataeu, the soothing neutral tones of Vanilla Oak, or the exotic Natural Koa, Karndean Korlok Select has a look of Canadian Urban Oak, Korlok Select has a look to fit your special style in an extra-long 56" x 9" sized plank. From muddy paw prints to spilled champagne, and everything in-between, Karndean's durable and low maintenance floors are designed with real homes in mind - for when 'life' happens, Karndean’s newest collection, Korlok, features 12 stunning hardwood designs constructed in a vinyl floor. Karndean Vinyl. }); Korlok is Karndean's new addition to the waterproof vinyl family. No Tax. Sign up for special emails with savings and tips! Call Toll Free 800-548-2706 Buy Discounted Karndean Korlok Luxury Vinyl and save today! Karndean Korlok Select Texas White Ash 9" x 56" Luxury Vinyl. Korlok is new rigid core flooring collection - taking all of the best elements of a rigid core floor, with the beautiful handcrafted designs and quality you'd expect from Karndean. Whether your style is influenced by the tranquility of the sea or recovered rustics, you'll discover the flooring within Karndean Korlok Reserve to connect the components of your area together.With this rigid core collection, offered in 48" x 7" size planks with a trademarked and tested click-locking system, you'll take pleasure in less work in addition to all the other benefits of Rigid Core technology throughout and after installation. $(document).ready(function(){ background: #00000; Clearance Offers. More than three years of work went into the development of Korlok, resulting in a collection of 12 colors from woods sourced across North America and Europe. It took more than 3 years to complete the development of Karndean Korlok, resulting in a collection of 12 colors from woods sourced throughout North America and Europe. Each item has an authentic texture and distinctive grain information true to the wood that influenced it, with none of the maintenance inconveniences of hardwood floor covering.Most of the designs within this collection need a gluedown installation. Karndean Korlok Select: Texas White Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8105, Karndean Korlok Select: Antique French Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8110, Karndean Korlok Select: Washed Grey Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8104, Karndean Korlok Select: Warm Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8103, Karndean Korlok Select: Reclaimed French Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8109, Karndean Korlok Select: Canadian Urban Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8116, Karndean Korlok Select: Baltic Limed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8111, Karndean Korlok Select: Washed Butternut Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8108, Karndean Korlok Select: Salvaged Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8209, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Natural Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6536, Karndean Korlok Select: Natural Koa Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8122, Karndean Korlok Select: Kilauea Koa Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8124, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Weathered Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6532, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Vintage Oregon Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6531, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Charred Weathered Pine Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6539, Karndean Korlok Select: Washed Velvet Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8102, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Limed Coastal Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6534, Karndean Korlok Select: Cathedral Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8114, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Grey Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6541, Karndean Korlok Reserve: North American Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6533, Karndean Korlok Select: Ivory Brushed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8217, Karndean Korlok Select: Character Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8115, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Texan Whiskey Walnut Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6542, Karndean Korlok Select: Oyster Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8202, Karndean Korlok Select: Warm Brushed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8215, Karndean Korlok Select: Baltic Washed Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8101, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Aged Spanish Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6535, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Limed Charcoal Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6538, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Tavern Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6537, Karndean Korlok Select: Weathered Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8211, Karndean Korlok Select: Silver Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8208, Karndean Korlok Reserve: Provincial Oiled Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RCP6540, Karndean Korlok Select: Barley Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8206, Karndean Korlok Select: Smoked Butternut Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8107, Karndean Korlok Select: Smoked Koa Luxury Vinyl Plank RKP8126, Karndean Korlok Select Herringbone: Silver Barnwood Luxury Vinyl Plank SM-RKP8208. Save Big Today! Utilize the corresponding 56" x 9" full-size slabs in an adjacent space if you wish to use the exact same color in a larger space or to alter the ordinary pattern.

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