We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain. The technical name is verruca vulgaris. What is the Normal Range of Eosinophils in Blood? Your email address will not be published. To avoid damage to the skin, you should apply fat cream to the surrounding skin surface or close up the skin with plaster after cutting in it a hole for warts of the same diameter as the growth. HPV is a virus for which there is no cure. Most often, they appear on the fingers, palms, back of the hands, very rarely they are formed in the mucous membranes and face. Many people with genital warts do not know that they have them as they are often asymptomatic, especially in a woman, who can have warts on her cervix or in the vulva without ever knowing. The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone. Typically, development of the virus is manifested by multiple growths, when there is the largest parent wart and many smaller warts around. It is believed that during 3 years, 75% of warts will disappear for some internal reason, within 2 years they will do in 66% of cases, and within six months in 30% of cases. The first thing to understand if you want to know what are the causes of warts, is that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus, the virus responsible for causing these skin growths. Laser wart removal is quite an effective method of getting rid of warts, very fast and almost unpainful. What happens after the infection? If you want to read similar articles to What Are The Causes Of Warts?, we recommend you visit our Diseases & secondary effects category. However, if you do not notice the growth regression, any method of removing it does not guarantee full recovery due to the viral nature of warts. It is proved that the cause of their appearance is HPV, human papillomavirus, which has more than 100 species, many of which contribute to the malignization of growths. Accidental injury of the growth can contribute to a secondary infection on the skin or exacerbate the spread of HPV. The most popular localization of warts on hand is obvious, since the maximum contact at work, games, at home, and outdoors is made specifically through the hands. Chemical agents used to remove warts should be used very carefully, because they can cause burns of nearby healthy tissues, it is best if the procedure will be performed by a doctor. These warts are called mucosal warts. Folk remedies – celandine juice, onion, acetic acid, and so on. Warts can affect any area of the body but are commonly found on your hands, face, neck, and feet. Even one wart on hand increases the risk of sudden occurrence of the others in non-infected areas of your skin. Your email address will not be published. Warts caused by the same strain of HPV can also occur on the lips or inside the mouth. However, even in case of infection with the papillomavirus, a strong and healthy body easily stop its proliferation and progression, so the main cause of appearance of warts on the skin of children and adults is reduction of the body defenses – malnutrition, prolonged stress, hormonal disorders, fatigue, negative external effects such as radiation, chemical emissions of industrial cities, bad food and other factors. In terms of cosmetic effect today it is considered the best removal option as the procedure leaves almost no scars, the doctor can easily control the intensity of exposure, recovery from the procedure is fast, and the removed growths can be examined histologically. In short, the reason behind the causes of warts is coming into contact with HPV, the virus that causes these skin growths to appear. They’re transmitted by casual contact, so they’re most common on the hands, fingers, face, and feet. They appear in areas of skin that grow faster than normal due to a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV). There are several types of warts on hands – common warts, vulgar warts and flat warts on hands. For men, warts appear on the tip or shaft of the penis, making them more noticeable. Warts come from human papilloma viruses (HPV). Why do warts on hands and fingers appear? All solutions can be divided into the following groups: Treatment with any non prescription drugs may be unsafe, especially without finding the accurate diagnosis. In this OneHowto article we show you how to boost your immune system. Although it is believed that common warts are not oncogenic, there is always the risk of malignancy of any growths. It is a bloodless method, but it is used for small warts without deep roots, so, for example, plantar warts cannot be removed through this method. The incubation period of those virus types is 2-6 months. The main reason for catching this virus is due to improper protective measures and having a temporarily weakened immune system. Normally, an outbreak of warts is experienced when you have had a weakened immune system or have been in poor health. Before using any of the folk remedies or ready care products it is necessary for 5-10 minutes to steam the wart, then wipe the skin dry and make the application of a solution. What dermatologists offer today to remove warts on hands and fingers? HPV viral agents penetrate into the bloodstream through scratches, injuries and micro cracks on the skin. high concentrated potassium permanganate fully removed my finger warts in one month. The virus is quite common and has more than 150 types, but only a few cause warts on your hands. Different strains of the virus cause different variations of the disease, from plantar warts (foot warts) to genital warts, and flat warts. Electrocoagulation method is used to treat warts on fingers and palms with high-frequency current. There are over 100 types of … At OneHowto we show you the causes of warts so that you can know how to prevent them and what precautions you should follow in order to stop them. Salicylic acid requires long treatment – 1-3 weeks, other drugs sometimes require only one-time procedure or repeating it in 2 weeks. Physical therapy – hand wart removal with laser, liquid nitrogen, or electric coagulation. Among the popular treatments for warts on fingers, nails and hands, the most effective is cauterization of warts with natural celandine juice that you can obtain by yourself during flowering of the herb from May to June. Without treatment, warts under nails and on the fingers proliferate, reproduce, merge and damage the nail. In this article you will learn how to get rid of warts on hands, how to treat and remove these growths on the skin. Some strains of HPV are acquired through sexual contact. There are 70 different strains of this virus that cause the skin cells to multiply rapidly, resulting in growths on the skin.

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