a green salad. ✮ 20 Seed Balls Per Tin *Ideal Kitchen Garden Gift*, PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT - Onion BUNCHING (Salad) - ISHIKURA - 1.5GM ~ 600 Seeds (Organic), Salad Leaves Cut N Come Again Half Hardy Mixed Variety 1 Packet (250 Seeds) by Thompson and Morgan, PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT - Rocket -Wild - 3000 Seeds - Organic, PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT - Sorrel - RED VEINED - 1.2 Gram ~ Approx 1850 Seeds, Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Salad Leaves - Mesclun Mixed - 500 Seed, De Ree Salad Collection Seeds - 4 in 1 Pack Include (Beetroot Spring Onion Lettuce Tomato Moneymaker), Premier Seeds Direct 4G-HRX1-0GHD Herb Rocket Wild, 13,300 SEEDS, PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT - Lettuce - All Year Round - 8500 Finest Seeds, 11 Vegetable Seed Mix - 3500 Seeds - Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Onion, Lettuce, Courgette, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato, Carrots, Peas, Spinach, Cayenne Pepper Ready for Planting Outdoors, Grow Your Own Garden, Johnsons 13423 Vegetable Seeds, Lettuce Iceberg 4, Natures Root Organic Cress Sprouting Seeds 250g - Superfood | Non GMO | Microgreen Sprouts | Garden Planting | Vegetable Gardening, Grow Your own Bonsai kit – Easily Grow 4 Types of Bonsai Trees with Our Complete Beginner Friendly Bonsai Seeds Starter kit – Unique Seed kit Gift idea. about 1000 seed £document.write(roc_rdd_price_SOBE); Salad Burnet This variety has bright green leaves, which are frosted with a sparkly magenta colour when young. Claytonia is an easily grown green, with rounded crunchy leaves. young. He's But membership costs just one penny per annum. Salad Set 16 x 100 Seeds 100% Natural, Handpicked from Portugal, Rare and Old Varieties of Lettuce, High Germination Rate. 4.3 out of 5 stars 228 An incredibly useful - and very easily grown - plant that is used both as a salad and a cooked green. One of the earliest green crops to start in spring and perennial - https://www.wholefoodbellies.com/31-unique-salad-recipes-for-summer Hemerocallis flowers add a really unusual exotic touch to any salad and the slightly crunchy, peppery sweet flavour is quite unique. Chinese cabbage and pak choi are great in quick stir fries; and okra is great in curries or deep fried. When we process your order, you will be charged a penny for a year's Seed Club Membership. This variety from Holland has slightly larger leaves and is pale green ("Yellow" is perhaps stretching it a bit!). about 140 seed, organic £document.write(roc_rdd_price_SAMO); 'Wrinkled You can try in spring too if you like. (Will need fleece protection in the winter). It's very easy to grow, and if the leaves get old & bitter in summer time it can just be cut right back and will produce another generous flush of new tender growth. Our range of salad vegetable seeds can be ordered online for delivery. Also you can find some tasty fruit seeds too, like the cape gooseberry and tomatillo seeds. addition to salads, slightly salty and crunchy. once you've got a clump going it needs no attention other than when Good flavour - ideal in omlettes, risottos as well as salads. Salad Seeds (60 items) Simply put – salad plants are the easiest way to grow fresh organic food for everyday use. ... Email: info@plantsofdistinction.co.uk. Very easy to grow, sow Feb - Oct for continuous lots of seed at least 1000 seed £ document.write(roc_rdd_price_LGSC); Plants pictured were sown in Wales in March in a polytunnel It goes well in salads as the lacey leaves add a delicate bit of ‘zing’. = also possible depending on conditions. Lepidium meyenii: JS2642 ! We think these are the best seeds you can sow, and we really hope that you enjoy growing your vegetables from them. Great salad seeds for only 99p per packet. 1g seed £ An incredibly easy green that produces all season, this is the domesticated plantain. If you don't know it, Corn Salad is a low growing plant that is useful for winter production of fresh salad greens. Very pleasant Do have a go - read the seedsaving instructions we provide with every order, and also on this site. SOW: Feb - May. Easy – so much so that one gardening advice column said if you can’t grow this, you should give up gardening. Another useful perennial, salad burnet has a slightly herbal, cucumber-y flavour, and is a good ingredient in early spring and autumn salads. = normal sowing & harvest time It grows very quickly with minimal effort - you only need a few plants to get lots of salad ingredients. approx 50 seed Especially good for very early & very It's hardy and easy to grow - sow from mid spring either direct or started in modules - and crops throughout the summer well into autumn. We've chosen an old traditional variety called "Coquille de Louviers" which has interesting spoon-shaped leaves, is easy to grow, and is quite cold-hardy. document.write(roc_rdd_price_SATS); We think that Orach - also known By clipping with scissors the plants will re-grow and can be trimmed several times. late sowings. We like to always have some on the We think the salads are ideal for this. Grow your favourites or create your own personal leaf mix! Other succulents Anacampseros rufescens / 20 seeds $ 3.45. To harvest, either pick individual leaves or whole rosettes, it is very nice and crunchy with a good flavour. 300 seed £document.write(roc_rdd_price_SAFL); 'Magentaspreen' Giant Goosefoot Encourage your sense of culinary adventure, and challenge yourself to always grow unusual vegetables you’ve never eaten, as well as new varieties of vegetables you already love. If you don't know rocket, its a small salad plant with a unique taste This variety was bred for its uniquely ruffled leaves which also Catherine said that this was her best salad crop in the very cold winter a couple of years back - it sat under 2 inches of snow without suffering at all, and was still thriving in Mid March. This is useful all year round salad plant that forms Making it An Ideal Gift For Gardeners. Grow your own unusual, gourment and specialist vegetables from seed. 1.5g of seed (lots) - £document.write(roc_rdd_price_SALC); Our Unique Structure: Because we have no shareholders. Germination is always a bit piecemeal because they are not 'proper' seeds, being actually little plants rolled up in a ball, but don't worry as we give you loads of seed in the packet and you will definitely get many plants from it. even been spotted pulling off leaves and munching on them absentmindedly Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. This variety has deep purple leaves that look great in the garden and on the table. Extremely mild and sweet because of the high sugar content. EDIBLE FLOWER SALAD MIXED.

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