You might have seen other DIY microphone kits that are comprised of indifferent, low-grade parts and a photocopied schematic that supposedly serves as the installation guide. The competition is high, and the good news is that there are many mics out there that offer fantastic, natural and warm sounds at a very affordable price. It allows you to build a clone of vintage Neumann U87. This video shows how to take your $77 mic and add an $80 (U-47 capsule clone) and make this cheap mic AWESOME! Both these kits are suitable for students and first-time DIY builders, yet neither of them will be outgrown, as evidenced by the fact that both models are in regular use at numerous commercial studios. The S-12 would be similar in sound to the modern transformerless TL, XL, and XLR versions of the C414. To achieve the coveted U47 sound, we've paired our K47 capsule with a very nice tube circuit that gets you into the sonic territory of the original mic at a fraction of the cost. Even Neumann can't clone it. Neumann TLM103 The vintage original U47 amplifier circuit for DiY, invented in 1947, was the first switchable pattern condenser microphone. Neumann U47: There is no such thing as a true "U47 clone" because the critical VF14 tube has been unavailable for 50 years. Fantastic impressions down the line. The switches enable a 10dB pad, and a 3-way pattern selection (Cardioid/Omni/Fig8). The kit includes our custom circuit boards, plus 100% of necessary components to build and wire the microphone. The T-12 provides a similar frequency profile but injects vintage mic 'mojo' thanks to its transfomer-coupled circuit. The products on this page are in a different league -- as are the finished microphones. See the V-47 kit. The Neumann U87 is one of the most iconic and sought-after microphones of all time. We use a low-noise tube and a custom-wound transformer. Our tube mic is an adaptation of the Telefunken ElaM 251 circuit, although with higher headroom. The D-47 is compatible with K47 or M7 capsule Type condenser capsule. I don't own a U47 clone kit mic myself, but have a few assembled mics from that shop, have seen/heard an assembled AMI U47 clone in person, and have heard the results of the AMI 47 clone many times as well. The V-251 adds a pad and high-pass filter too. I have decided to go for the glory and try to build a hand wired U47 clone instead of the kit. Large Diaphragm Condensor U47 Clone by Microphone Parts and built by an exacting electronics guru. What some viewers may find surprising is that at no point during the video does Matthew perform any black magic or mortgage his home. Mic is … Based on years of research, we came up with two different complementary flavors that set new standards for price/performance ratio. The AMI U47 kits provide the framework for Neumann/Telefunken U-47 microphone projects. The S3 kits include a hard case and shockmount. Our most popular capsule is a K47 style, modeled after the capsule in the Neumann U47. This kit will become available again in November, 2020. - Wunder CM7 FET Intended uses would mainly be bassdrum, bass amp, guitar amp and loud vocals. We took a vintage Neumann circuit, then optimized it for large-diaphragm capsules and even-order harmonics. JK47 Member. Has anyone used - possibly compared - the current offerings in U47 FET clones? Large-diaphragm replacement microphone capsules. Messages 2,327 . We've hot-rodded the famous Schoeps circuit. . The kits include the headbasket, body, capsule mount, and AMI’s replica of the original transformers. . Messages 6,476. MichaelK Member. To achieve the coveted U47 sound, we've paired our K47 capsule with a very nice tube circuit that gets you into the sonic territory of the original mic at a fraction of the cost. The products on this page are all-inclusive DIY microphone kits. Our detailed assembly guide makes it very easy for you to do so. While the products listed above offer world-class performance at a fraction of comparable retail prices, we wanted to provide a lower-cost kit that did not compromise performance. Each kit includes an unbranded mic body, custom PCBs, premium components, best-in-class documentation, and the large-diaphragm capsule of your choice. See the. Note: Styroflex Capacitor Kit , 10nf/630V and 48V Relay Device Not included in BOM is required Styroflex Capacitor Kit and Relay Device available on the order page.

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