And also note that some of the brands from the original recall notice have not yet expired. He said that there are two kinds of food adulteration — one to bulk up and increase the volume of something valuable, the other to confer some kind of particular characteristic, in this case color — but that consumption of turmeric in dietary supplements and in foods is still nominal. They also recommend that import inspectors around the world screen turmeric with X-ray devices that can detect lead and other chemicals. ... A New Jersey company has expanded its recall of ground turmeric to include additional brands distributed nationwide. Also, this recall involves several brands. “If you have old turmeric, consider replacing it with one of the most mainstream brands.”. These products were sold between May and August of 2016. The truth is that such a level likely doesn’t exist. So please keep checking your spice rack for the brands listed! We’ve got an extensive collection of articles that can help you do just that. Lead is a toxic substance and exposure can cause lead poisoning. While the Food and Drug Administration tests food regularly for lead, Forsyth said, “we found elevated lead in packaged turmeric from companies that are in the process of making export agreements.”, Peter Cassell, a press officer for the FDA, said that while in general the agency does not comment on specific studies, it “evaluates them as part of the body of evidence to further our understanding about a particular issue and assist in our mission to protect public health. In addition, we have specific programs in place to monitor heavy metals like lead.”. PET jars. 2 Ounce Bottle Turmeric; Market Pantry Brand: 0.95 Ounce Bottle Turmeric; These products were sold between May and August of 2016. FDA Dark Chocolate And Nut Kind Bar Recipe, Blue Mountain Country Hot Jamaican Jerk Curry Seasoning, Ocho Rios Jamaican Nice Mild Curry Powder, Grace Caribbean Tradition Hot Curry Powder. Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts makes available all recent recall information by product area, including food, drugs, biological products, devices, and cosmetics. And reported in 2019: Lead continues to be found in curry powder. Report: If you think dangerous lead in schools is a limited problem, think again. Turmeric, sold as a spice and in supplements, is advertised as an anti-inflammatory. If you have experienced an unexpected and adverse reaction to a dietary supplement, nutritional product, or generic drug, we would like to he Some spice processors in Bangladesh use an industrial lead chromate pigment to imbue turmeric with a … The recalled ‘Fresh Finds Ground Turmeric’ is packaged in 3.75 oz. The company measured Google searches as well as consumer interest from engagement on blogs, recipes and reviews, finding the ingredient has reached a steady state of interest and concluding that turmeric may be at its peak. As our food supply becomes more global, an adulteration problem in Bangladesh has international ramifications. Stanford researchers found concentrations exceeded that national limit by up to 500 times in seven of the nine turmeric-producing districts. It’s touted as a “superfood” and promoted as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Thirteen brands of turmeric and/or curry powder (turmeric is an ingredient in most curry powder blends) exported by Bangladesh and India have been recalled worldwide since 2011 because of excessive lead, involving hundreds of thousands of pounds of spices. And Forsyth’s team found that more than 30 percent of pregnant Bangladeshi women tested had elevated blood lead levels. Top Turmeric Brands. Scientists Reveal The Most Germ Infested Item In Your Home & It’s Not In The Bathroom! “We looked at potential exposures — paint and used lead acid battery recycling — but people don’t use paint in that region or recycle batteries.”, Food recalls explained: Why it seems like food contamination is on the rise. Lead poising in children can cause: learning disabilities, developmental delays, and lower IQ scores, according to the recall notice. It is in more than 10,000 items on Amazon.

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