North has Osere. Troy Calypso. Planet: Nekrotafeyo; Location: The Great Vault; Troy Calypso exclusively drops the Occultist, This Pistol will fire rocket projectiles. The fight with Troy begins shortly after you jump into the pit and enter the location with a huge portal. His attacks are devastating, but most of them are clearly telegraphed and can be avoided easily with a little practice. To the west there is Boreas. His main move is a ring of purple energy balls that he sends flying in a circle all around him. Troy Calypso Apologist Hi I'm Madi , 24, She/her, an Artist/Writer. It's not very near the east coast but there some safe routes to run to the beaches. This includes boss location & mission, boss weapon drops, unique enemy loots, and more! Find out which legendary items drop from which boss in Borderlands 3 with this guide. Location: Continent: Calypso : Planet: Planet Calypso: Type: Place : Lon. Lets be real here its mostly just the Calypso Twins at this point though I'm also Raidbossmadi on A03 and Twitter, This is my fandom blog for Borderlands, and other things I enjoy. Always crawling with people visiting the auction, manufacturing items or making trading deals and possibly Calypso's favourite sweating spot, Troy … Bi as Fuck. Troy Calypso is a boss in Borderlands 3. Fort Troy was built in the south east of the Cyclops volcano on the Eudoria continent. Strategy: Troy has only a red health bar. Location Video) – Drops Phoenix Tears, Artifact with 100% health on Second Wind and longer FFYL duration. You meet Troy shortly after entering The Dig Site.. Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop: Vosk’s Deathgrip; Tyreen Calypso. The fort is fortified with high and thick walls. : 68320 : Map: Fort Troy is one of the busiest settlements on Eudoria. The fight with Troy Calypso happens in the final part of The Great Vault main quest - when you get to the map with the same name. : 80528 : Lat. Location Mission (If applicable) Key Drops; The Great Vault: The Great Vault - Main Mission: Legendary Pistol, The Occultist: You finally get the chance to settle the score with Troy Calypso and you’ll need to cope with a lot of dodging to have any chance. Location: Pandora, Covenant Pass. Vending machines are nearby - use them to heal the hero and replenish ammunition. Planet: Pandora; Location: Destroyer’s Rift His weak spot is his head. Main Mission: The Great Vault Location: Pandora, The Great Vault. ... Boss #16 – Troy Calypso. There are gates in each direction and each gate has two automated gun turrets. He’s one of the main antagonists of the game, and you’ll get to fight him at the Great Vault.

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