Aurelia agrees to have sex with Troy, but it's not what Troy had in mind. Your drawers are full of maps, notes, and passwords that you wrote out in a hurry. Posts; Requests or just want to talk? In between disasters, she wrestles with her complicated grief, her unpredictable powers, and the looming abyss that is her uncertain future. "Play it," he urged, his tone laced with a mixture of curiosity and worry. Troy needs help fixing his metal arm after he tries himself, but to no avail. You have lived a peaceful life given the situation, earning and keeping stable favor from people who have pull in the COV. by WaterButter_ with 635 reads. He knelt by her side, brushing a lock of blue hair out of her face. D: Hope it helps you too and if not, I hope it's very enjoyable to read. The people of … As the years go by, she grows angrier and angrier at the woman who was in charge of all the testing that he went through. He comes to realize he possesses a great power, a terrible dark power, but doesn't yet know how to unlock it. Unable to escape, Millie tries to keep her head above water, gather allies, and maintain her new station. bl3 borderlands 3 borderlands troy calypso tyreen calypso the calypso twins asks ask me anything fanfic fanfiction x reader oneshot. Archive; bratty submissive confirmed He’s just like Gavin Reed Just more condescending and less in denial I’m okay with this now that i think about it he might be a switch which is also okay You and Troy had been in a sexual relationship for quite some time, but never had either of you imagined that you would end up pregnant. "What?" Millie wants nothing to do with the COV, but neither she or the cult has much of a choice. It's just your luck to be the sole survivor of their annihilation, and it's all thanks to the vicious poking and prodding you received throughout your childhood. 164 notes. You fix it with ease, even offering certain upgrades, and he wants to thank you for your assistance. Troy demanded, already annoyed by the secrecy and theatrics. heres the product of my 5 hour long journey into hornyville. 6 notes Sep 19th, 2019. What’s your game here?”. With the help of some unlikely companions, Troy uses any means necessary to combat the Children of the Vault and … Born in a cage, they could only rely on each other. 164 notes ... borderlands 3 calypso twins fanfic fanfiction troy calypso pov troy calypso tyreen calypso hurt comfort troyreen dead dove do not eat pretentious literary references is that a flashback or is he tripping IDK. Enter one survivor, the omega Rhys. With the help of some unlikely companions, Troy uses any means necessary to combat the Children of the Vault and prove himself deserving of the title God King. Collection series for the world-building and character snippets from the Leech Lord AU on Tumblr. "We tried to shut it down-- but it was already circulating the forums, and... there's nothing we can do about it now.". You're more than happy to fulfill the God King's desires. Calypso loved the nighttime; the night was a whole new world, so different than the day. With permission from @cruddyborderlandstheories who did all the work, I give you, cut content twin gods echo icons:. Their reign would finally end. *I made this to satiate my disgusting obsession with Troy Calypso. “Why exactly are you doing this, Zane? With the help of some unlikely companions, Troy uses any means necessary to combat the Children of the Vault and … Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Troy Calypso/Original Female Character(s) (2) Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)/Reader (1) Amajiki Tamaki/Reader (1) Shindou You/Reader (1) Tyreen Calypso/You (1) Douma (Kimetsu no Yaiba)/Reader (1) Exclude Additional Tags Smut (6) Fluff (4) Biting (4) Dirty Talk (4) Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot (4) Angst (3) Porn (3) Love (3) Rough Sex (3) Sex (3) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. The AU spans near a decade, from their lucky survival at the hands of a reluctant stranger - to the viciously meteoric rise of the COV as their aspirations, relationships, and morals are slowly consumed by the cursed power they were born burdened with. You’re gonna get the hell out of here one way or another. It’s been five years since Rowley Pierce left Sanctuary and abandoned the Crimson Raiders.Presumed dead, he roved the wastes of Pandora; avoiding his guilt. The Calypso twins notice you, and it only gets better from there... You are one of the many servants of the God-King Troy Calypso. ", Another look exchanged. Years have gone by since the Crimson Raiders failed to kill Jack at the end of Borderlands Two. Chapters related to E rating and TW tags will have reminders noted at the beginning, majority are M. Tyreen looked... reserved, glancing over to Mouthpiece with hesitance clear in her expression. "What's the 'emergency' that I needed to bust my ass to come deal with? Lmao Trash - Incorrect quotes - Short stories / Imagines. Goddess, sing of Apollo, who in his manner holds and cherishes. "Troy-- its you and Aurelia. from the story Borderlands One Shots/Lemons + More! This work does contain an abuse survivor having complicated feelings for the person who victimized them. Fresh from one of the top culinary schools in the country, Rhys lands an internship at The Diamond Pony, the heralded restaurant of both infamous and legendary chef 'Handsome' Jack Wolfbaine. Percy remembered the story of the Trojan War. 10 years of death and destruction all because Paris of Troy was only able to choose a single goddess out of Athena, Aphrodite and Hera to win a beauty contest. You’re gonna get the hell out of here one way or another. After that, they … Humiliated and undermined, he wants nothing more than to get revenge on his twin sister Tyreen. (in chess) an opening in which a player makes a sacrifice, typically of a pawn, for the sake of some compensating advantage. Some chapters do take place as flashbacks; its part of my style and I will not apologize. Humiliated and undermined, he wants nothing more than to get revenge on his twin sister Tyreen. Choices that may well decide the fate of those he once called friends. A year after Handsome Jack was killed, Maya finally figures out what happened to Krieg. She crossed her arms, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Work Search: Troy fucks and then annoints a male follower. After the death of the Twin Gods, the Children of the Vault fall into chaos. Those who are left behind will do whatever they must to survive. The remaining war lords scramble for a new symbol to rally their followers behind. During the celebration of her return to his side, our star thinks on the moment she was reunited with HER Troy. (Some chapters will include more specific warnings in the author's notes. Life in Promethea has always been harsh with its wildlife, friends are difficult to come by, and the inevitable fate of dying at the end of a gun barrel were the realities you faced each day. The COV is not a great place for someone like you. "Troy-- its you and Aurelia.". tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). troy calypso borderlands 3 borderlands fanart Borderlands OC fanfiction (kinda) borderlands fanfiction Ari fanfic oc original character bl3 short story au borderlands Ariana-Serino; crystal-psx-logo liked this . Troy’s pale eyes laid upon the imposing dark form of the jackal like being, and a grin began to form up on his lips. Even if he has dozen of other servants, you somehow became his favorite... You escort your God on a meet up where you're both taken by surprise due to some, distractions. Most prompts are from Tumblr posts and asks suggestions. Now Percy had 12 to choose from, 14 if you count Hades and Hestia. Additionally, Millie appears to the inheritor of Tyreen’s Siren powers. Tyreen screamed, tossing Ava to the ground and teleporting away. But as his first day turns out less than stellar, Rhys isn't sure the cooking world is all it's cracked up to be, and starts to doubt his career choice or if he was ever built to handle it. I thought it was weird that something like this didn't exist under the Troy Calypso tag, so I felt compelled to write this to fill the gap. Movies: Troy fanfiction archive with over 982 stories. Before they were God-Queen Tryeen and God-King Troy, before they were the fearsome Calypso twins, they were Tyreen and Troy Deleon. Unfortunately, that hero comes to them at the lowest level possible. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. This is (an alternate) story of their beginnings. Part 2A of the Troy Story series.This ending revolves around you and Troy leaving the planet, so long as Tyreen and the rest of the occupants of this burning planet stay out of the way.

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