You can find him as @qgriggs on TikTok and @qgriggss on Instagram. [@jadenhossler via Instagram], Noah Beck, 19, is one of the newest members of Sway House. Josh (b. In his Instagram, he also reveals that he's an actor and model. He currently has 13.5 million TikTok followers (as of September 2020). [via Instagram], Jaden Hossler, 19, is known for his hilarious skits on TikTok and he's also a Sway House member. The 18-year-old is currently dating fellow Vault member Cayman Rhodes. They are: Eloise Fouladgar Jimbo H Kate Elizabeth Hype house! 31 January 2002), originally from Canada, is currently on hiatus from Sway House after letting the "fame" get to him. "This is my playhouse and you’re just living in it," her TikTok bio states. Malcom has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. Need members ( on TikTok | 507 Likes. 8 February 2001) has 8 million followers on his personal TikTok account and he's also a singer. Formed in 2019 by Talent X, the boys are known for their TikTok content, love of parties and rivalry with the infamous Hype House. And, like many other TikTok houses, The Vault has a lot of new members who are trying to increase their social media presence being apart of this collective. The 17-year-old currently has more than 1 million followers on the platform. New ️ He's currently dating Cynthia Parker, a member of TikTok's all-girl Not A Content House. So, here's your comprehensive guide to all the members in the Sway House… [@swayla via Instagram], Bryce Hall, 21, is one of the founding members of the Sway House with 13.5 million followers (as of September 2020). [@noahbeck via Instagram], Kio Cyr, 20, is a member of the Sway House and he has 8.1 million TikTok followers (as of September 2020). Why Did YouTube Couple Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart Break Up. Check out the current Vault members below. Face reveal on Christmas Day!!! The Vault is run by the influencer marketing agency Six Degrees of Influence and features many of today's rising social media stars. Jackson currently boasts more than 1 million followers on Instagram. You can find him on TikTok and Instagram on @noahbeck. Jaden (b. [@luvanthony via Instagram], Quinton Griggs, 17, is the youngest member of the Sway House and he has almost 6.4 million TikTok followers (as of September 2020). As of March 2020, Anthony is in a relationship with fellow TikTok star Avani Gregg. Several People Broke Into the Old Hype House and Posted About It on TikTok, The Hype House Members Have Taken Over the Clout House, Is Jake Paul's Team 10 Still in Existence? TikTok's Sway House has quickly become one of the most talked about collectives on the platform – but who are its members and who actually lives there? Here's Why TikTokers Are Listening to the Money Mantra on Repeat, Belle Delphine's YouTube Channel Was Removed for Violating YouTube's Policies. On April 21, The Vault Instagram page shared a roundup of members set to the iconic Full House theme song. Addy is most known for her TikTok lip-sync pet and comedy videos. Following 1 follower every day! Фанаты: 7.6M. You can find him on TikTok and Instagram on @imgriffinjohnson., Matthew Morrison is playing The Grinch and everyone is, The "what is Joe Biden's plan" meme is asking the tough, Dixie D'Amelio: 15 things you never knew about the TikTok, QUIZ: Only a true Marvel fan can name all 15 characters, QUIZ: Only a Corpse Bride fanatic can score 100% on this, Belle Delphine: 20 facts you (probably) didn't know about. So, we've heard of the HOC and Sway House, but now there is a new house that users should know about: The Vault. She has posted videos on social media telling fans about her makeup and hair routines, suffering with acne, brand partnerships, and more. In July 2020, Griffin moved out of the Sway House into the Sway Gaming House along with Kio Cyr and Quinton Griggs to "protect his brand". He started his internet career on YouNow aged 15, before moving onto Vine,, YouTube and finally TikTok. You can always catch Devyn sharing videos of herself performing the latest TikTok dances. Keep reading to find out more about the members in The Vault House. Are they the new Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson? Though she may just be getting her start as a content creator, Rave certainly shares tons of great dance and lip-sync videos. You can find him on TikTok and Instagram on @brycehall.

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