The closest branches were at least six feet from the ground. The band accepts no one into the inner circle without an offering. Calvin scratched his head and with a questioning look at Hobbes said, “Well, that’s good then, but… I don’t understand…?”, Hobbes smiled and explained, “As one of my best friends once said, it’s a magical world!”, Calvin put on his space helmet, tightened his utility belt, and carefully checked his space zapper. DNA repair systems within each cell correct this damage but only during sleep. Calvin: The duplicator worked! He strained to lift his arm and cradle his chin in one hand, then squinted his eyes and raised one brow. Hey, nice room. Last one outside is a rotten egg! Spooky Abigail: Not Quite The Worst Witch, Cuddly Defender Comic: Out Of The Attic One, Cuddly Defender Comic: Out Of The Attic Two, The Tether Saga – The Battle For Our Reality Begins In Baltimore, Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Never Give In. It took almost every bit of strength he had left. "Goodbye Hobbes. Anything can happen with custom web apps. “It takes a certain kind of boy to be best friends with a tiger.” Calvin said this with a very serious voice and a brief worried glance at Hobbes. He wouldn’t taste good, and, he’s not educated in the ways of tigers.”, Hobbes put his hands on his hips, leaned forward and grinned as he said, “Well, then it’s about time he learns, don’t you think?”, “Francis,” Calvin said, “This is Hobbes and he’s a dangerous tiger, especially when he’s hungry.”, Francis’ eyes widened as he asked, “Is he hungry now?”, “I’m afraid he’s FAMISHED.” said Calvin. A review of the American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet. I'm supposed to think up a story, write it, and illustrate it by tomorrow! Readers of course clamored for more. This contact window will automatically close after the message is sent. Staying at home and need music? Features Calvin as a 26 year old. What?! Have you seen what she tries to make me eat? “Oh what now!” said Francis’ mother. Join Scot Ranney, Andy Simmons, and Jerry Steinhilber at The Honeymoon every Thursday night at 8:00pm for a friendly Bellingham jazz jam session. He finally noticed Susie, his childhood sweetheart/nemesis and wife of over fifty years, and their family gathered around his bedside. Come back here! Life was going to be so different, so very different without him. You’re too messy when you pounce on your food.” Hobbes proclaimed, “It’s the tiger’s way. Calvin could hear his name through the vast emptiness of space, and a moment later his body shuddered as he struggled to open his eyes. On December 31st, 1995 the very last Calvin and Hobbes story was syndicated and these two friends went into legendary status as one of the best cartoon strips ever published. Scot's online jazz piano community, since 1995. And then, on the last day of 1995, the strip ended. Wait, what was that? And who will eat that slimy stuff his mom forces on him at dinner, huh?”, “Calvin,” Susie sat on the bed next to him and took his hand in hers, and replied with a gentle smile, “That’s your daughter’s cooking you’re talking about.” Calvin said, “I know! “Francis and Hobbes could be best friends but someone needed to warn Francis about tigers before it was too late.” Calvin took a wheezing breath and continued, “And without Hobbes, who will protect him from monsters under the bed or when he falls in the gorge? Download the Chico's Paradise live recording from the early 2000's. While their heart was in the right place, the redditor that wrote a Calvin and Hobbes deathbed story missed the point of the comic strip. A commotion from the attic stairs interrupted Susie and everyone turned towards the bedroom door. Your ship is warmed up and ready for us just over the hill, not far from the tire swing.”, They took a few steps out of the bedroom when Calvin suddenly looked up and said, “Wait, you have to stay here with Francis!”, Hobbes smiled, then pointed back to the window. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Below is another fan imagined ending of Calvin and Hobbes written and drawn by Raging Pencils (Formerly the Far Left Side)… Be warned it is a tear jerker…. ?” Francis took a bite, looked up, straight at Hobbes, and said, “This might be the best tuna fish sandwich ever made.”, Before Hobbes could even begin to coil up for the attack, Calvin said between painful breaths, “Hobbes! Drinks are acceptable. “It’s OK, look.”, Calvin ran back into the bedroom and pushed a chair over to the window. It’s worse than the time you gave me that raw rat shake blended with polliwog whiskers and garnished with the grease of a thousand cooties!”, Susie sighed and said, “Calvin, that was a protein shake.”. If you want me to play piano for you, please include exact dates, times, and locations to make it easier for me to check on availability. The last Calvin and Hobbes (fan fiction) Short Story. This is a nice jazz lead sheet for the Irish classic folk song, "Danny Boy", otherwise known as "Londonderry Air". I have always interpreted this cartoon to mean that Calvin was AD-HD or some other such disorder. Have an idea? All the while Calvin had propped himself up on his elbow to watch the scene outside unfold. I've had great results with Umcka cold and flu remedy. A moment later as a small young boy with messy blonde hair barreled into the room with an orange, black, and white dust ball in his hands. Forums, questions answered, and a ton of unique jazz piano resources. Then Calvin’s chest stopped moving and the pulse in his neck slowly disappeared. Hobbes: Oog, I'm not sure I'm ready for this. For ten years, Calvin and Hobbes was one the world's most beloved comic strips. Calvin goes time-travelling instead of writing a story for his paper. Thanks... for everything..." "No, thank you Calvin." Share via Email Report Story Send. “Probably a tiger attack,” Calvin said with a half chuckle. “Full of Possibilities,” is the line Calvin uses, and it makes you smile at this farewell, rather than be merely depressed at the ending of the series. Keep up to date with Scot's gigs, publications, and other musical endeavors.

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