You can start a hobby. This wrench is important for adjusting the relief of the guitar’s neck and should be sized properly depending on the size of the truss rod bolt of your guitar neck. Warmoth is proudly American, made in the USA. They are also not as complicated as electric builds because there are no electrical components to worry about. Better quality wood makes it sturdy and you are more likely to have a guitar that will last a long time. You may also need to buy a new set of tools if you do not have any. The most widely available best DIY electric guitar kits feature bodies which are copies of the Telecaster, the Stratocaster, and the Les Paul. Some manufacturers let you customize nearly everything in the kit. With our complete DIY kits for different electric guitars, bass and ukulele models, this dream can come true for anyone. The prerequisites include some basic woodworking skills […], Building a guitar body template is not that difficult, provided you have the tools and materials ready and also have detailed knowledge of the steps […], The need to paint a guitar could arise if you are not happy with the factory colors of your guitar and would like to give […], Learning how to play guitar is as essential as familiarizing yourself with the best maintenance practices. Every component and element chosen for a specific build process will not only affect the appearance or style of the guitar but also its sound. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg. You can choose a kit that has the specific style you want, from the shape and color of the body, to the styles and designs of the headstock, neck and tuners. This could take time but when you have developed the right set of skills and creativity, it could be a great way to earn from your efforts. It takes time and a lot of patience to build a diy guitar kit. So it really depends on how confident you are with working on a guitar project kit like this to finish. Most build your own acoustic guitar kits are dreadnought types but you might find classical and triple O shapes as well. There is something so utterly rewarding about creating something with your hands – things that you will truly find satisfying. However, you might want to look at these two recommended options: When it comes to quality DIY guitar kit builds, you can’t go wrong with Warmoth. In terms of tone switching, however, the Strat can be tweaked for a variety of tones. It also pays to browse through product reviews and guides online. Stay safe and stay creative. Get monthly blogs, research, news, and more right to your inbox. Rather than spending their days in an office cubicle, there are […], Experienced guitarists know the importance of choosing the best wood for a good electric guitar body. It makes the process of putting in the pegs much quicker. Errors can be frustrating. In a few cases, you could save more if you bought a guitar instead of building guitars from guitar kits. Certain tools will be required to complete the project. Truss Rod Wrench – Many manufacturers include a neck truss rod wrench in their kits but if your kit doesn’t have any, you’ll need one. Pit Bull Guitars offers a Massive range of Unfinished DIY Electric Guitar and Bass Kits, most of which are in stock and can be delivered to a majority of countries within 4-6 days (average).. We keep stock of Unique DIY Guitar and Bass Kits … Required fields are marked *. I’ve head a lot of good things about this Strat copy kit and Les Paul copy kit available on Amazon. String Cutter – A sharp cutter lets you snip extra lengths of guitar strings to the proper length. Start your own business. Build your own electric guitar using our DIY guitar kits! I like these DIY electric guitar kits lot with a number of different guitar style options to choose from. The urge to build is a common feeling among many. Lastly, buying a guitar frees you of the rather labor-intensive task of putting together a musical instrument using multiple kit components. Solo Music Gear prides itself on providing full support to its customers. As with every new thing, there is a learning curve you have to overcome. Some kits are so basic that they may not include hardware, which means strings and tuners may require a separate purchase. Here are what we feel to be some of the featured products here. Their high quality kits may carry a higher price tag but these are more likely to have better quality, giving you confidence. The estimated delivery time for our in-stock kits is … In order to minimize contact as much as possible, orders are to be made online and picked up curb side. DIY Workshop: Martin Guitar Kit Build (Part One) ... All the way back in 2001, I built my first ever acoustic guitar from a Martin Guitar Kit – long (very long!) You can customize your guitars. All have included hardware, essential hardware in your preferred style of guitar, electronic components. Then, there is the dirty work – cutting, drilling, sanding, gluing, painting, and staining finish, not to mention going through the waiting time to get it ready. Buy a guitar kit that is known to be stable, strong, and sturdy. It takes a lot of patience to complete one from start to finish. Once you know your vision, you know exactly what to look for and how to find it. Having the urge does not always mean you should go through with it. Types of DIY Guitar Kits To Build Your Own Guitar, Check Out Our Acoustic DIY Guitar Build Kit #1 Choice, Check Out Our Electric DIY Guitar Build Kit #1 Choice, Good Advantages of Building Your Own With Guitar Kits Vs. Buying A Guitar. Check the kit carefully to know what you are getting. If you have never built your own guitar, consider buying a beginner model. Since every element you include will ultimately affect how the guitar will sound and feel in your hands, you will have a better understanding. With these guitar kits, you can learn as you go and improve the setup along the way. Overall quality is good at a good price point. Get the proper sizes of screwdrivers to fit the bolts and screws that come with the kit. Copyright © 2020 Solo Guitars, a Division of Solo Music Gear Ltd. All Rights Reserved. As of Monday, June 15 2020, we will be re-launching the local pick up option for orders. If you prefer a truly unique guitar or one that fits your specific needs, this feature can come in handy. However, there are actually some key advantages to building your guitar from DIY guitar kits compared to just buying one. It does not have to be fancy as long as it can take accurate measurements. Not all builds are perfect and mistakes are likely at no fault of the fit, which can test the patience of even the most determined enthusiast. Chat rooms and online discussion boards may even offer help through their members who are more than happy to offer their advice. Choose your own preferred guitar body style for your next DIY project from over 50 kits available. Find the largest collection of do it yourself (DIY) guitar kits, classical & Tele guitar kit at an affordable price from Solo Music Gear in Canada! A self-build DIY guitar kit is a product that consists of the different bit components of a basic style guitar – body, neck, headstock shape, etc. Consider finding the best brands through online reviews, testimonials, and third party websites. The best guitar kits do not necessarily require an advanced level of woodworking skills (although it helps) because there are step-by-step instructions provided to get you through everything in  the process. What better way to personalize a guitar than to build it yourself? Guitar strings are made from metal or nylon, so a pair of scissors is not a recommended alternative.

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