Each piece is still designed in Switzerland and the Swiss dot (polka dot) is still used by the company on gift boxes and tissue paper as well as the logo of the Akris Punto line 7. THE Swiss clothing company that places a high value on the social aspects of supplier relations and product traceability. www.zena-swiss.com REX Mod. The company grew significantly and began producing ready-to-wear clothing. Int. The primary global drivers in this market are Russia and China, accounting for more than 60% of revenue. The distinctive, monochromatic skull logo has become the brand's most identifiable trademark, and is commonly used throughout the brand's catalog of jeans, flannels and shirts. While not exactly an outdoor gear brand, Tretorn has been making durable and casual shoes for over a century. In 1944, Kriemler-Schoch's son Max Kriemler took over the business. They have a cult status and often carry the swiss flag as part of their logo. Maybe you already have one or more of these labels in your wardrobe… 12 popular Swedish fashion labels. Retailing online has always become the fastest growing channel for distribution and sales. Known for their rubber boots, shoes and tennis balls, Tretorn is a Swedish classic. Acne Studios; Although the name might sound a little strange for a fashion brand, ACNE is rather popular among stylish Swedes. Tretorn logo. Rex. The below compilation of best sportswear company logos and brands … The Nylite, one of the brand’s most iconic products was launched in 1967. 11002, since 1947, peels vegetables and fruits all over the world. Tretorn women’s Nylite Plus. These are the most popular fashion brands in Sweden.

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