Important point: the volume only cuts out when it is receiving a signal in 5.1 surround sound. I'd like to take Samsung to task on this! Turn it off and see if it solves the problem! Turned off the anynet. It happens more with watching video via the iPad through to the Apple TV and on to the TV set. RCA audio cable (cable with red + white RCA plugs at each end) or 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable i.e. Also, if you have an headphones connection on the TV, try it and see if the problem exists., It's designed to allow you to control all your peripherals with one control which is no issue for me. I don’t have cable - watch tv thru over the air signal. Ensure the amp is actually using the optical input and not the HDMI... Hi, My Tv is connected to the ARC although sounds not coming through when amp is off but the Sky+ box was connected through optical as it doen't have HDMI but I've just plugged twin phonos from sky to amp and I'm not getting the drop-out anymore!!!! After 3 days of trouble shooting with Samsung, I finally decided to replace the HDMI cable and my intermittent audio drop outs disappeared. It’s all bs with no solutions. The Sound keeps cutting in and out, few seconds on, few seconds off. Never argue with a fool - they will drag you down and beat you with experience. I have my home theater receiver connected to my tv, and the only port it will allow me to connect it is on the HDMI ARC port. I regularly have .5 to 1 second audio drop-outs watching programming live on DirecTV, recorded from DirecTV, and through Amazon and Netflix on our Roku. I just purchased a Sony Ht-SS360 Home theatre system, it's attached to a Vizio T.V. Try setting the Audio/Video (A/V) receiver to a different Surround Sound mode. Sound 'hicups' on tv speakers and soundbar using HDMI or optical audio connection. Changing the Anynet to off and turning of DolbyDIgital didn’t work for me. Everyday time of the channels (different ones each time) have no sound. Mike, you can't have Dolby turned on with surround sound and it shouldn't be intermittent without surround sound even with bitstream on. i just purchased a pioneer vsx-523 surround sound receiver. Why??? There has to be a way to hold their feet to the fire. PROMOTED: Unblock US Netflix, HBO MAX & Prime in UK for just £ 0.87, Black Friday 2020: Best UK deals currently available. I changed my HDM1 cable that supports 4K2K and it solved all of my intermittent sound problems, October 4 by Driving me crazy. I really didn’t think about it until one night in bed I realized that my tv upstairs didn’t do it EVER! Have a Sony that is 15 years old still great. If this occurs, ask for assistance from the audio device's manufacturer. I had to change the video quality from HDX to SD. Go into your settings on the TV and find Anynet (which if 'on' turn 'off'). It solved the problem. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anynet is a setting in the TV, if your TV has this feature that is. However, anytime I have anynet enabled, my home theater works, but, I get hiccups in sound randomly whenever it feels like it… usually at the most important parts of a dialogue, so I rewind to hear what they said. Even when I said the issue was from on tv on apps via roku - all sources, they refused to accept there is an issue. Press Windows key + X key and click Device Manager.

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