figure 1. diagram illustrating where the cycling of sulfur compounds plays a prominent role in the ocean. Draw a simple diagram of the Carbon Cycle using the words in the text box above. The energy change for both routes is the same. Also, the weathering of sulfur-containing rocks releases sulfur into the soil. The Sulfur cycle is one of many biochemical processes that occur in our nature. Sulphur is important for the functioning of proteins and enzymes in plants, and in animals that depend upon plants for sulphur. (1) in the upper water column, metabolism of organic sulfur com-pounds is of particular relevance. Zavarzin, in Encyclopedia of Ecology (Second Edition), 2008. One route is direct (for which we don't know the energy) and the other route is via sulfur(IV) oxide. 2. Sulfur cycle is the most important cycle conjugated to C org.Assimilation of sulfate into S org is quantitatively of minor importance in spite of the fact that it is the main source of dimethylsulfide – a volatile compound contributing to the source of S in the atmosphere. Proteins consist of amino acids that contain sulphur atoms. This article provides a flow diagram of the sulphur cycle. Sulfur is one of the essential elements of life system and its major reservoir lies in the earth’s crust together with oceanic sediment. These rocks originate from ocean sediments that are moved to land by the geologic uplifting of ocean sediments. There are at least four major inputs of sulphur into the atmosphere from land— volcanic activity, soil dust, industrial activity and activity of sulphur bacteria which releases H 2 S into the atmosphere. Sulfur cycle Part IV of "Matter cycles": The sulfur cycle. The above cycle shows us that there are two routes to sulfur(VI) oxide from sulfur. Like the nitrogen cycle, it also illustrates the key role played by microorganisms. ΔH(S + O 2 SO 2) + ΔH(SO 2 + ½O 2 SO 3) = ΔH(S + O 2 SO 3)-297 - … ... Sulfur Cycle 1. It acts as a component of several compounds like amino acids, protein, enzymes etc. Sulfur in a pure elemental state is most often found near active _____. dimethylsulfoniopropionate (dMSP) pro-duced by algae (e.g., Emiliana huxleyi) is utilized by a diverse assemblage of microbes Sulfur Cycle. In this process, sulfur/sulphur (S) moves through the biotic and abiotic compartments of the Earth in various forms. Natural fuel like coal and oils also have some sulfurs (1 to 3%). The global Sulphur cycle is a good example to illustrate linkage between the air, water, and soil. Sulphur is one of the components that make up proteins and vitamins. It changes its chemical form along the way and moves between the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere just like carbon and nitrogen. G.A.

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