You might also like: Solidworks Equation; Solidworks Tutorial: Sheet Metal How to Use SolidWorks Edge Flange | SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial #2. SOLIDWORKS 3D allows you to quickly create sheet metal part designs using a simple design process, saving you time and development costs, thanks to specific sheet metal features. You can design a sheet metal part on its own without any references to the parts it will enclose, you can design the part in the context of an assembly that contains the enclosed components, or you can design the part within another part document in a multibody environment. To open this dialog box: With a part, assembly, or drawing open, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Sheet Metal.. To show bend lines in flat patterns, do one of the following: Click View > Hide/Show > Sketches. Even though I had fun designing this enclosure using Sheet Metal, the Electrical world is where I belong. You will get acquainted with Sheet Metal as a function in SolidWorks. In the base flange section, you seen the very first step to make sheet metal design in SolidWorks CAD software. Sheet metal parts are generally used as enclosures for components or to provide support to other components. Come join the SOLIDWORKS ECAD team as we continue to design our Frozen Drink Dispenser during our Town Hall series where we explore the collaborative and intelligent features that help us design more efficiently. The lesson will also present SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress. SolidWorks Windmill Project 1 Lesson 1: Base Sheet In this exercise, we will make a simple aluminum sheet. The condition of application of Edge flange is that the Edges should be linear. Chris has been a dedicated SOLIDWORKS user for 8+ years with exposure in several areas from research, sheet metal design, Equipment packaging & enclosures, Model-based design, and aerospace & defense design. The model and drawings will also serve as a classroom for examination questions based on developments and orthographic projection. See more ideas about solidworks tutorial, solidworks, tutorial. Dec 30, 2019 - Explore Mahtabalam Khan's board "Solidworks tutorial", followed by 402 people on Pinterest. During his free time he enjoys exploring new … Sheet metal enclosures house and protect circuitry, wiring, and other sensitive electronic parts and frequently require customization by a professional CAD designer. ; In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Flat-Pattern and Flat-Pattern(n).Right-click Bend-Lines and click Show. Real-world projects are vital to mastering SOLIDWORKS, and sheet metal enclosures are a perfect example of a typical project. We can use these features to create sheet metal designs with several different methods. And, of course, you will make a working drawing of this piece. The Edge Flange feature helps to add flanges to selected edge or more edges. We will focus on the flange method, where a sheet metal part is created in the formed state using specialized sheet metal … Introduction to Solidworks Sheet Metal for Technology Page 19 Exercise 2: Phone Holder Introduction This lesson focuses on designing a sheet metal part from the flattened include a series of bends. However, in some circumstances when the design requires certain types of geometry, you can use non-sheet metal feature tools, then insert bends or convert the part to sheet metal. There are specific sheet metal features you can use to create sheet metal bodies quickly.

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