The corresponding Greek word is pneuma. The idea of “breath” is completely integral to the human experience. If we understand the idea of God, especially the Holy Spirit, being like a breath or wind, we can grasp the meaning of the Hebrew word “Ruach.”. When coupled with one of the names of God, ruach refers Answer: The Hebrew ruach means “wind,” “breath,” or “spirit.”. This word refers to God as a breath, a wind, or a life force that sustains all living things, human beings included. Depending on the context, ruach can be talking about a person's emotional state of being, or their soul or spirit, and is sometimes used as an idiom, as in "a mere breath." In Scripture, the word is applied both to human beings and to God. spirit, as that which breathes quickly in animation or agitation = temper, disposition (76 t.; so, … The meaning of the Hebrew word ruach is "breath," or "wind," or "spirit." Both words are commonly used in passages referring to the Holy Spirit. Hope Bolinger Contributing Writer. The word’s first use in the Bible appears in the second verse: “The Spirit of God [ Ruach Elohim] was hovering over the waters” ( Genesis 1:2 ).

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