Keep in mind that if the non-custodial parent did an at-home test, then results are not accepted in court. Thank you so much for your prompt, informative reply. You can mail a kit to Honduras, have the mother swab both herself and the child and send it back to you. Be careful. I do not wish at this time to involve my partner with my DNA concerns because there really is a discrepancy with the timing and I could just be paranoid with a guilty conscience. This test is not a legal test, it is a private test is there any way I can sign it myself? DNA tests can be conducted without the father knowing, but the results are strictly for personal information and cannot be used in a court of law. IMPORTANT: This article gives general information. Hi there I have a son and I have 2 possible fathers I want to get a DNA test done but don’t have the money. Thank you for your question. To ensure that you select the correct test for your situation we recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience. I want to find out if a child is a nephew of me (Avuncular Test). I have a son that does not actually look like me. Is he the one threatening you to court? Her grandfather and my father share the same name. To test one alleged father and one child it would be $89 for the lab fee. Oh, what do I do, this is all so confusing. Many people who have legal testing never DO go to court…they just want to make sure that all participants in the test are who they say they are and that no tampering has gone on. It’s hard to keep something like this a secret. However, we do have other testing options when the alleged father is not available such as: Grandparent DNA (alleged father’s parents), Sibling DNA (alleged father’s other children), and Avuncular DNA (alleged father’s brother/ sister) tests. Thanks. But not the first one. The burden is on the customer (and not the lab) to ensure that proper consent has been given. Is this what you wanted to know? However , all these years later I believe have always believed the girl was my daughter . May i know if we can have a dna test of a baby by using baby hairs. I’m sorry about the father of your child. Since it was from 1986.. It’s possible to perform a DNA paternity test without the father’s direct involvement. Your case is a complicated one. The possible father of my unborn child is abroad i already have a child with him who is living with me. This is a great question. Will you call us ? If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us 888-404-4363 and we will be happy to assist you. “I’m not mad at him at all,” he said, according to the station. She was pregnant again. Hi, Edna. Can the Father Refuse DNA Paternity Testing? The answer is yes, but it’s essential that all the right people submit their DNA in order to get conclusive results (including both mothers and the possible father). You begin to think of ways to test for paternity without the other party knowing, maybe sending in some hair, toothbrush or other special specimens. Hi, Tamberlain. are recognized in courts worldwide as proof of paternity. You didn’t mention if testing showed that the man is the biological father of your first child, which could make a difference. So My period went off New Year’s Eve NBC and that day I ha two sexual partners. She was pregnant and gave birth to a girl. Hi, my ex boyfriend and I just recently had a baby m. While at the hospital he did not sign the birth certificate but is now requesting a DNAtest so he can try to get custody. I suggest you contact an IDENTIGENE specialist at 888-404-4363 for information about your individual circumstance. How can I find out if my “mother” is telling the truth or just slipping in and out of reality. You can purchase an IDENTIGENE kit at select retailers in your area. Hope this helps and good luck! If non-standard samples are the only option, reputable labs will work with the individual to ascertain the best possible sample for their specific situation. I’m well, thank you. In some cases, even accurate DNA test results can be contested. It was the NON custodial parent that did NOT get consent or speak with the custodial parent about and just did it. Here’s the thing, my son has already had a test done by his biological father (also on his BC). I know this is out of place but I was reading my reply and saw your post and felt compelled to jump in—not at all my usual style, but I was once in your shoes. So give us a call!

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