See more, Quality, size and shape sorting in one machine, Accurate selection of high-value products, Consistent quality output for raw product optimisation, Intuitive interface for configuring products by quality, size and shape, Web-based user interface for convenient accessibility. Elifab has developed a new line of optical sorting machines for blueberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes that incorporate Ellips TrueSort™ Technology. CCD Camera with Sensor: Collect, identify the RGB information of the material, and send the relevant signal. The Celox optical sorting machine is at the very heart of your production pipeline and consequently must be able to offer your supervisor access to all functions of the optical sorting machine, full information and process monitoring at all times. In addition, essential criteria for size-sorting are visible and accessible at a glance. The sorting accuracy is close to 98% and the carryout rate(good: bad) is over 15:1. The Celox machines use intelligent software which can be configured to detect specific defects on different surfaces. We were all ready to go to the Elmia Automation in May 2020 in Jönköping, Swedento promote our IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine for the Scandinavian audience. The Double layers structure allow the machine to use two different sorting modes at the same time. In-house remote control of the machines is possible simply by connecting the machines to the Local Area Network (LAN), and any number of Celox machines may be controlled from the same browser. Optical sorting machines can be used to identify and discard manufacturing waste, such as metals, drywall, cardboard, and various plastics. SG optical sorter uses advanced inspection technology, raw material transferred from one belt to other from the material hopper. With your permission, we can even modify and optimise the configuration of your machine. So it is widely used to sort and grade light, irregular, fragile materials. Where all the material that does not meet pre-set criteria is removed and the acceptable material will be sent to going out for packaging during this process. This allows easy monitoring of machines on disparate geographical locations. The machine can be operated directly by the intelligent, yet user-friendly touchscreen interface. SG optical sorting help to improve the throughput of the business of processing industries. Worldwide on-line remote control is supported through secure connections provided by Newtec WebServices. Promoting the IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine. The machine sorts washed potatoes directly, eliminating the need for pre-grading and minimising the need for manual labor, … Regularly, we can arrange the delivery in 10 days. Especially it is an ideal sorting solution for light, irregular, fragile materials. In the metal industry, optical sorting machines are used to discard plastics, glass, wood, and other non-needed metals. If you have any Agriculture Products and Other solid Products Sorting requirements please feel free to email us, we will reply you normally within 24 working hours ! Our software is adapted to the crop type that the machine is made for. Remote support is possible through WebServices. it features a horizontal transfer belt, which is designed to transport objects to be screened to the image acquisition area. SG Optical Sorting machine sorting capability is about 1.2 to 1.8ton according to different materials. Transfer Belt: Transfer the material to the specified location. The lateral transmission reduces collisions caused by vertical drops. Access is usually restricted to machines on the same Local Area Network (LAN). We look forward to optimising the value of each of your potatoes and/or carrots by sorting them in the most profitable way. Our Celox contains patented technology and is the only machine on the market which can simultaneously grade products in both size, shape and quality - and then deliver the products in up to 14 different categories. TOMRA'S FOOD SORTING EQUIPMENT: BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Blizzard. Chute-type color sorters 2. Structure   SG Optical Sorting Machine consists of ten key components as well. Belt-type color sorters In this chapter, we shall look at each of these sorters, their primary features, benefits, applications, and drawbacks of each. How does it work? The image processing system can recognize the RGB information and find the difference in color, shape, size, and convert the information into an electronic signal. An optical sorting machine with the latest generation of artificial intelligence (AI) color sorter provides the AI super brain, comprises of X-ray sorting and NIR sorting technologies, can accurately remove almost all impurities in the product, and its sorting accuracy can be as high as 99.9%. The machine can thus be remote-controlled from a desktop or laptop PC, tablet PC or smartphone. There are two main types of color sorters namely: 1. These interfaces are widely supported by the modern industrial PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) which are today integrated in most production lines. Consequently, the Celox machines bring high value to our customers not only by reducing labor cost, but because they optimise the value of every single potato or carrot by sorting them in the most profitable way, - all while handling the crop very gently.

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