One of the most sought out synchros in Duel Links since the synchro era started. - YouTube In order for us to continue bringing you fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in your ad-blocker. to give your opponent Ojama Tokens for Nitro Warrior to land his attacks into. "Nitro Synchronique" + 1 monstre non Syntoniseur ou plus Une fois durant chacun de vos tours, si vous avez activé une Carte Magie, cette carte gagne 1000 points d'ATK durant la prochaine attaque, pour le calcul des dommages seulement. Help. You can discard Quillbolt Hedgehog when Special Summoning Quickdraw Synchron and then Special Summon Quillbolt Hedgehog with its own effect to use both monsters as Synchro Material. If you like duel for fun as anime character,This is my deck as yusei fudo. Finally it’s Here! How could he be a warrior? TCG sets OCG sets Video game sets Card search categories Other card information Gallery Rulings Errata Tips Appearances Trivia Lores Artworks Names External links … Once you have the role, click the Discord logo in the top-right of the screen and log in. 110k members in the DuelLinks community. Yu-Gi-Oh! I can’t deal 3000 damage with one hit against Zane Truesdale at level 30. "Nitro Warrior's" second effect targets 1 of your opponent's face-up Defense Position monsters. Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! You can Special Summon monsters such as "Fortress Warrior," which can be obtained as a Duel Reward from yusei, and "Cyber-Stein," which can be purchased at the Card Trader! Revive your Nitro Synchron or whatever Tuner you used to summon Nitro Warrior and give your opponent 2 Tokens one in attack position and one in defense position which Nitro Warrior can attack into. Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth, Golden Flying Fish: deck recipe [Nov 2020], Dragunity Synchro: deck recipe [Nov 2020], Blackwing Synchro: deck recipe [Nov 2020], Number 10: Illumiknight | Decks and Ruling, Palladium Oracle Mahad | Deck and Rulings. Quickdraw Synchron This Tuner Monster can be Special Summoned by sending 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard! Recently coming off of a Top 8 placement with the deck in MW69 and Top 4 in MW73, I’m excited to help bring forth a guide for my favorite deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. Nitro Warrior (Duel Links) Yu-Gi-Oh! Use Ojama Go! Duel Links! Daily Cash Duels, Weekly Tournaments, Monthly Championships, Top Player Discussions with Best Players in the game. our Chrome extension, which redirects links to the old Wikia/Fandom site to Yugipedia, ensuring you see the most up-to-date information. "Nitro Warrior's" second effect activates at the end of the Damage Step, when monsters destroyed by battle are sent to the Graveyard. Speaking of OTK, reminder that this is the main Synchro that Yusei used to achieve one of his signature scenes: WAN TARN SURII . Any monster that is able to attack multiple times and therefore inflict battle damage multiple times would work well with The Secret of the Bandit. Black Rose is one of the most popular lv7 staples in the game for a synchro deck. Blue-Eyes Synchro: deck recipe [Oct 2020]. Nothing is impossible if they ... New player guide: What packs to buy first? "Nitro Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monstersOnce during each of your turns, if you activated a Spell Card, this card gains 1000 ATK during the next attack this turn involving this card, during damage calculation only. Learn its effect, usage and how to obtain in YuGiOh! 43 votes, 64 comments. Darklord have 2 limit 2 + a limit 1. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. with yusei skill that gives all "warrior" synchro monster atk equal to its level, 3500 with the skill + concentrating current 5300 + his own effect 6300 damn. Best Yusei Deck! I know it's too early to talk about it, but ... do you think they'll put the Arc V world? Junk Anchor can be used to substitute for Nitro Synchron when Synchro Summoning. It was funny, hence why people pronounced it that way. Check that you now have the "DLM Pro" role in the Discord server. Quickdraw Synchron -> Quillbolt to grave -> Summon Quillbolt-> Nitro warrior, easily gains 1000 atk points wow, this guy is really useful when it comes to OTK. Duel Links Video games. Duel Links! DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. If you have any issues … Duel Links! That's what most Yugioh fans called it, though. Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a game developed by Konami, available to Mobile and PC on … Thank you for choosing to support Duel Links Meta's development! If this attacking card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, after damage calculation: You can target 1 face-up Defense Position monster your opponent controls; change that target to Attack Position, then this card can make a second attack in a row, on that monster. This page notes details of Nitro Warrior (FIRE/Warrior/Synchro Monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. There are no decks on the Tier List that currently use this card. our Chrome extension, which redirects links to the old Wikia/Fandom site to Yugipedia, ensuring you see the most up-to-date information. I’ve literally been looking this card up for the past 3 months!!! You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. How do I get Joey wheeler dsod level 30 in the duelist gate. [Duel Links] New SYNCHRO WARRIORS! Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! because that's how the character in the anime announced it. Yu-Gi-Oh Duell Links Schwarzer Bildschirm beheben durch VPN? If you have any issues … Having access to this will make your opponent think twice about setting up a board as she easily nukes the entire field on summon. Duel Links. Nitro Warrior card information, decks and statistics. This can be used for gimmick otks lol. Since then, I started playing Duel Links in February of 2018 and have been a constant supporter of synchro decks in every format. Basically it is meant to be pronounced that way. Use Nitro Synchron with an easily Special Summonable level-5 monster like The Tricky or Vice Dragon. If the Spell Card is activated before "Nitro Warrior" is Summoned, "Nitro Warrior" does not gain 1000 ATK during its next attack. No decks using this card have been submitted recently. This page notes details of Nitro Warrior (FIRE/Warrior/Synchro Monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings.

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