A man is that soft? I would kick his ASS, cause he's dishonest and using you to help support his other woman. AND THAT AINT TRUE AT ALL. Yes he is obligated to care for and maintain his child but the hand me downs should stop there. Ask for $200 that's ridiculous for any sane person to assume would do much for a child. What he needs to do is pursue legal means AS IT relates to a set monthly payment for child support. We do not mind; he loves the child and so do I. When the woman is sick she demands that he pay for her to go to the doctor, because if she is not well she cannot take care of HIS child. I agree with many of you on this one. His baby mama is having a time of her life, she's making him pay for screwing her. @ali.this the truth the relationship I had with her mother should (NEVER HAD HAPPENED GODS TRUTH WE ARE TO (DIFFERENT) AND ITS TERRIBLE TO SAY BUT THE CHILD SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN BORN)I am glad things turned out the way they have with no contact and no child support .i had a moment off weakness low point in my life and called this women (BIG MISTAKE )she lucky I … By requesting a response, the user agrees that both Willie and Andrews Media Services Corp/St. It's been very hard for her to see this. Why do some women use a child against the father? I told him, ‘well go to court with her and let them tell you how much you have to pay for child support’. Parental Alienation as Domestic Violence by Proxy Theory Every weekend she has to go to party and she brings the child for him to look after. My lady, you need to have a serious talk (not mapwee) with your man and ask him about the future of 1) the child, 2) you and 3) himself. Then she now has to be the woman standing behind her man and stop that rubbish. Like one person wrote "let him show the proof" unless the writer has the proof. You Go, Girlfriend. If she cannot manage, then she should give up the child. Uses the child as a messenger. Here is a woman's fail-proof guide to ruining your ex using Family Court. You have to take control now before her influence grows any further. Which party will you vote for in the next general elections in Saint Lucia? You go to your lawyer and take it from there. Once she knows she is getting x and x FOR THE CHILD, then if anything happens to her, outside of the agreement, she has to go suck salt. It is obvious the woman is taking advantage of the man. Let his child live bad and poorly.. let the child suffer? The responses by this column are the opinion of the author of Dear Willie and are not to be thought of as official counseling or advice. CUZ I HAVE A CHIL FATHER AND HE TELLS ALL HIS WOMEN THAT HE IS THE ONLY ONE TAKING CARE OF OUR CHILD. He needs to have full custody of his kid only if both of you love that child. Apart from paying for every single thing for the child, the girl wants the man to pay her rent because that is where HIS child lives, even though she was living there when he met her, and her brother and mother live there with her. He should either take his child thru the court process or pay money towards the child's welfare thru the same court process. Willie, it is these kind of things that drive men to stop taking care of the children and let the woman take them to court, so they pay the little money that the court tell them to pay. And what is he supposed to do if he cant get custody through court..? I agree with Willie for looking at the legal matter. Of Children & Families Dirty Tricks, (Un)Fair Hearings to Challenge Allegations of Abuse Or Neglect, What You MUST know about Probate and Family Court, Resentful, Greedy, Manipulative Mother's Guide to Destroying Your Children and Their Father (Satire), Angry, Controlling, Stingy Father's Guide to Destroying Your Children and Their Mother (Satire). Then again he may be at work. Open mobile menu ... the courts are biased against fathers, rarely lose their kids this way. Demand your share of the pie now!! Smh. Home All News Mother using child as weapon against father. How To Fight A False Allegation Retraining Order, Dept. Then this article is for you. TAKE HER TO FAMILY COURT...ALL SHE WILL GET IS $200.00 A MONTH...THAT'S IT...LET'S SEE HOW LONG HER WEAVE WILL BE THEN.... My lady, you seems to be a very nice and honest girl, but you are going to get hurt in the process. United States, the Fourth Circuit concluded that the district court erred in creating a parent-child privilege granting a 19 year old son's request not to testify against his father. This article is not about your divorce or the divorce process. NINTH, Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct If the Father does somehow get some visits with the children, make sure to cause as much disruption and as many problems as possible. The only one that suffers here is the child.. why put the baby through that? We have the child from Friday afternoon and take her to school on Monday morning. In doing so, the Fourth Circuit found that the son did not make a strong showing of the need for the privilege. Your boyfriend is being slick! All dressed down uh? I agree he shouldnt contribute so much and all but he just needs to do what he has to until he builds a better case to try to get custody.. im sorry but i wont let my child live poorly while i live great cause the babies mom is dead beat and all.. i would pay what i have to the minimum and if i see things are bad then i will have to help out more but save all documents and messages from the baby mama to present in court. from what i have read its like every time the subject about money , its always for his son and not our son. She's been lied to about her father and now is finally coming to the conclusion that it's her mother that's the liar. your boyfriend is not telling you the truth. Are you seething with resentment at the father of your children? That man is ... the girl. I would have if I could have. so after paying all those bills , what does she contribute, St. Lucia News Online - January 16, 2015. the man himself doesn't know the meaning of child support, And since she, the mother, is also working, his monthly payments shouldn't be that much. 35 . A mother's day warning. The question is, why does he think he is obligated he pay rent and some of the things he does. my lady believe me..NO MAN.. is that dumb or naïve. Those two are still involved. He can still go to family court with her and he will be obligated to pay only $200 and the mother pays $200 which will amount to 400. However, he should not necessarily battle her for custody of the child. Anyhow he do it, he needs to plan for the child's future and possibly a future child with you, his new girlfriend. Also see disclaimer below. In this case, you are paying for his slackness and therefore, being used by both. WHEN THE WOMEN SEES ME THEY CROSS EYE AND THROW WORDS. That's why I didn't make any children outside of marriage. Dear Miss: Your man must be sponge. She knows how to push his buttons very well and he allows it. Think about it. AT THE SAME TIME HE IS MAYB TELLING THE TRUTH. SOMETIMES I ONLY GET MONEY FOUR TIMES FOR THE YEAR. Sadly you are also supporting this financially because you have to take care of him so he can take care of her. no man can be that jackass . If she hates the ex, the kids must too. The real issue here is: he may be overspending where child support is concern. Are you willing to manipulate the jerk using the system so you really come out on top? This woman has the longest weave, and everything that comes in style, she has it; even the latest phones, but she works as a cashier. Maybe he's still getting a piece of tail on the side!

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