So go on young skipper. The higher the operating force, the higher the pressure needed to activate the switch. Average price: $3 - 10 pack. very hard to misclick, imo, not very tactile but they are very clicky and very satisfying to type on, Currently best clicky on the market. There’s a new trend happening in the keyboard world. Ever wondered what the perfect switch is? But in general, that’s not the case. This will help you decide which switches best fit your needs. These switches are also great for typing, just as long as you don’t smash the keys. These switches are extremely smooth and light. The problem is that there are many kinds of switches, and there’s no easy way to learn and compare them. After several years, they started improving and innovating and made a name for themselves. Compared to the blues, they are much less "clicky". They sound tinny and just feel like I'm typing on mud sort of. Sie werden in Kooperation mit dem chinesischen Hersteller Kailh (und anderen) produziert, haben aber ganz eigene, einzigartige Spezifikationen. You can easily change your malfunctioning switches to new ones. Nevertheless, Kailh switches are still well-known across the world and continuously exceed many expectations. They're much better for typing, and way more satisfying. The farther the activation point, the farther distance is needed to activate a key. rapid expansion and innovation of mechanical switches, with Cherry on top. Typing? Since then, Razer has also developed their own production lines of gaming switches and introduced hybrids such as the Razer Opto-Mechanical switches and Razer Mecha-Membrane. One of the best linear switches. Model M lover here: Cherry Whites are fun! I also own a Realforce R2 with 55g Topre and while the keyboard is great I find them a little heavy. It is measured in centinewton (cN) or gram-force (gf, often referred to as g). But what if you’re a gentle giant? Pro tip: Usually, tactile switches are better for typing and linear switches are better for gaming. When buying O-rings, you’ll see labels such as “50A” and “80A” in their description. So, when someone is talking about which color of MX Switches he prefers, he is not talking about aesthetics. Most keyboards then used Alps switches. We haven't closed our doors yet and if the time comes that we get a lot of people asking for Gateron switches, we will consider paying their factory a visit next time. but after lubing it, its an amazing switch to live with, feels really clean to type on while being very good fr gaming So a switch with medium pressure force would be the right amount. Plate mounted means that the switch is mounted to a metal plate with the PCB under the plate. They lacked the high quality control that we saw in Kaihua. Thank you for tabulating all the info. Tactile switches provide tactile feedback. I prefer these over the blues for sure. Used on smaller micro keyboards, keyboards can be quite cheap and are a good compromise. The overall purpose of your keyboard will also help you decide the switches you need. Gateron switches are common among keyboard enthusiasts, especially in Europe. What about durability? Last year in 2018, they were called out by, well-known across the world and continuously, Today, Matias switches are globally recognized as a recreation of Alps. Similarly to Razer, Romer-G switches cannot be bought off-the-shelf. If you want "silent" switches without to much hassle, this is the way to go. FIrst switch I've had. As a light typist, you can easily control the strength in your fingers. But really, it’s all up to you. If you want to get an idea of how different switches sound, here’s a playlist of each switch keypress. Different colors also mean different characteristics. it feels like a badly weighted linear. And with some of the listed brands, such as Razer, I belive that you can’t buy individual keys and such. The sound of clicks is very satisfying as like as your activation force. The lifespan of a key switch, or how many times a key switch can be activated before failing. Only until stock runs out . But you never know. In 1984, they received a patent for a new keyboard switch that ultimately defined the Cherry name, the Cherry MX. What noise do you like to hear when typing on your keys? Reviews make Topres seems so divisive, but I can't image how anyone wouldn't fall in love with ... A great Alternative to Cherry mx blue Switches feels exactly the same to me. Though, that chatter is... Click may not occur at the actuation point, which is a con, but the switches feel both smooth yet light and crisp. Clicky switches are typically preferred by typists because of the clear indication of a keypress. Good weighting and good sound. Or would you prefer it smooth? This is also measured in millimeters. With the keycaps removed, simply flip them over and place the O-rings onto the keycap stems. They’ve always been in the business of manufacturing keyboards both for Mac and PC. Now let’s put these 5 characteristics in a graph and compare two switches: The red line in the graph represents the force and distance when you press a key, while the black line shows the force and distance when you release a key. O-rings dampen the sound your keycaps make when you bottom out. Having the short activation point close to the reset point is a great advantage if you want to double-tap or triple-tap rapidly while gaming. They are great for those who want a distinct indication that of a keypress and for those who love the “clicky” sound. Depending on your typing technique and the general purpose of your keyboard, you would need certain values for each characteristic. the key feel is ok but on ... Use them daily at work. Today, Matias switches are globally recognized as a recreation of Alps. Some people prefer them over the arguably “scratchy” Cherry MX switches. It is also known as Actuation Point or Operating Position. The “A” refers to the “Shore A” hardness scale that measures the flexibility of rubber substances. They are available in 3 types such as the Quiet Click, Click, and Quiet Linear. A majority of mechanical keyboards have their switches soldered onto them. This is the only switch light enough for me to type on for 10 hours a day. Average price: $5.50 - 10 pack.

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