Marketing Sherpa is a great resource for campaign case studies. You can also download these templates in many formats like Word, Excel, Pages, PDF, PSD, etc. The plan highlights the specific channels like radio, newspapers, posters, television, among many others. Here are a few: As you’re reviewing campaign examples, think about campaigns you’ve run in the past. As you’re considering your campaign ideas, consider the science of persuasion – known tactics that influence people’s behavior. Realize your dreams by preparing a marketing campaign plan. A solid marketing campaign plan has clear and realistic goals that can help you reach your business objectives and goals effectively. Qlutch is your one-stop shop for how-to guidance for the 400 most common marketing projects. After creating your campaign budget, subtract these expenses from the gross profit to calculate your net profit and estimate ROI by subtracting the net profit from your marketing investment and dividing the result by your marketing investment. Qlutch is free to use. If so, note that some of the data you entered in the workbook for 6.9.a will flow through to other sheets in the workbook. This sample marketing campaign plan template is available for free in PDF format. This pre-built product marketing campaign template is customizable and is designed for both established businesses and startups. This direct marketing campaign plan template can be used for recording objectives to improve sales through campaigns with solutions in case of any crisis. You may want to speak with someone on your finance team to obtain some of the information. Download a promotional campaign template in excel format for free and ensure a complete detailed strategy planning before starting one such campaign. Resources. Marketing Budget Template (Excel): Make sure you stay on budget. This marketing campaign plan template is professionally designed to include details like the definition of specific goals, terms of commitment, etc. A marketing campaign template is a smart and efficient way of creating a marketing strategy. Per-unit overhead costs (optional – some companies just use a standard percentage to project overhead). Here is a list of potential business goals: Who is the target audience for your campaign? The worksheet 6.9.d will summarize these costs. This direct mail marketing campaign plan template has a very basic format that can be used for planning startup campaigns for any kind of business. With this template, your team can have the latest social media image sizes handy. All you would have to do is download the template you like best, edit to add your details, and you are good to go. They have organized efforts to promote a specific company goal. A well-designed marketing campaign can position your brand as a certain “something” in the mind of your customers, generate leads and create customers. Marketing campaign plans are an important way to reach out to your customers and clients in the market. This will give you valuable insight as to whether you should run your campaign. It has a content marketing focus and integrated media schedule. Then, list any other key metrics you’d like to measure, including your customer conversions, total revenue, unit sales, etc. What campaigns have they run in the past that you liked? It’s a good idea to write a creative brief for either the entire campaign or specific creative assets. Are you focused on building brand awareness? Access plans, share and set reminders. After determining your business goals and target audience, the next step is to think about a campaign theme. After you’ve completed your campaign, calculate your actual ROI and compare it to your initial projections (by adding the actual numbers in 6.9.a, 6.9.b and 6.9.c.). Review your key metrics to learn what you did well and what you can improve on in the next campaign. Response rates can be difficult to project because of the many variables involved in any campaign: For example, a campaign promoting a discounted upgrade sent to the customers of a popular product might have a 35% to 40% response rate, whereas a cold email blast to an unqualified list might have a 0.2% response rate. Are you committed to minimizing your marketing costs? You may have already completed these. Here you can also track your response and conversion rates for different types of media and calculate costs per impression, response rate and conversion rate based on your media buy. The instructions are very specific and we have made sure to include examples to give a detailed approach. You can estimate them initially and then use the detailed budget sheets for the individual campaigns to create your exact numbers. B2B marketers historically aren’t as creative, focusing on pragmatic, value-driven messages. This template will help you create the blueprint of your project early on so there’s no risk of confusing things like who’s owning what tasks, what deadlines are coming up, or how the budget is being allocated. You may enter the results below if you wish. If you’re marketing a consumer product or service, then be as creative as possible! Your marketing campaign documentation may vary, depending on the kind of team you’re on or the industry you’re in. The first step is to estimate your total gross profit from the campaign which is accomplished by subtracting the total cost of goods (from your new customers) from the total campaign revenue. After you’ve entered your budget, you’ll see your projected ROI at the bottom of the sheet. NOTE: For a detailed description of each objective with examples, create a Qlutch account and visit the Marketing Campaign Planning topic. After you’ve settled on your campaign theme, select your campaign media. This template guides you through each step of the campaign process, including planning, creative content and asset development, promotional planning, testing, launch, and performance measurement.

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