Refer to Gate Construction Information on page 4. Reference owner’s manual regarding placement of. Explore features, specifications, accessories and order yours today. 3.1.4Positive stops shall be required to limit travel to the designed fully open and fully closed positions. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that ALL entrapment zones are protected with an external monitored entrapment protection device, protecting both the open and close gate cycles. ALL electrical connections MUST be made by a qualified individual. NO ONE SHOULD CROSS THE PATH OF THE MOVING GATE. 7.The gate must be properly installed and work freely in both directions prior to the installation of the gate operator. •ALL power and control wiring MUST be run in separate conduit. Outdoor or easily accessible controls shall have a security feature to prevent unauthorized use. Only one monitored entrapment protection device may be wired to each input. The location of the power disconnect should be visible and clearly labeled. 12.For a gate operator utilizing a contact sensor such as an edge sensor: a.One or more contact sensors shall be located where the risk of entrapment or obstruction exists, such as at the leading edge, trailing edge and post mounted both inside and outside of a vehicular horizontal slide gate. Each gate system is specifically designed for an individual application. DO NOT run the operator until instructed. Before installing your Access Control Device(s) be sure to complete a site survey and determine the best device for your site needs. How to Install and Align the LiftMaster Photoelectric Sensor Model LMRRUL for Gates. NEVER let children operate or play with gate controls. product guide csl24ul 24vdc high-traffic commercial slide gate operator p r o d u c t h i g h l i g h t security+ 2.0® safeguards access with an encrypted tri-band signal to virtually eliminate interference and offer extended range. Use the emergency release ONLY when the gate is not moving. 1.Remove the outlet housing from the electrical box by removing the screws (2). c.A wireless device such as one that transmits radio frequency (RF) signals to the gate operator for entrapment protection functions shall be located where the transmission of the signals are not obstructed or impeded by building structures, natural landscaping or similar obstruction. Check the national and local building codes before installation. The gate operator should be installed near the front roller of the gate or near the back of the gate (in the OPEN position). Vehicular swing gate operator. Never splice two wires for the ground wire. The pedestrian gate shall be installed in a location such that a pedestrian shall not come in contact with a moving vehicular access gate. 2. Gate systems are comprised of many component parts. LiftMaster Elite CSL24VH gate opener pdf manual download. 1.7Protrusions shall not be permitted on any gate, refer to ASTM F2200 for Exceptions. Expansion board - up to 3 entrapment protection devices configurable to either close or open and up to 4 edge sensors using wireless edge sensor kit model LMWEKITU . •The entrance is for vehicles ONLY. Replace the outlet housing by securing with the screws. 1.8Gates shall be designed, constructed and installed such that their movement shall not be initiated by gravity when an automatic operator is disconnected, in accordance with the following. •Entrapment protection device types include inherent (built into the operator), monitored external photoelectric sensors or monitored external edge sensors, •This operator is provided with an inherent entrapment protection device built into the operator that serves as one of the two independent devices. Model CSL24UL • • • • • CSL24ULTECH To prevent SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a moving gate: •ALL gate operator systems REQUIRE two independent entrapment protection systems for each entrapment zone. † This model is for use on vehicular passage gates ONLY and not intended for use on pedestrian passage gates.

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