this lab-based test offers the advantages of easy specimen collection and highly accurate results that meet the same reference standards as urine testing. Established in August 2004, AlphaBiolabs is an award winning DNA Paternity, Drug and Alcohol Testing Laboratory. LifeLabs - Stouffville - 12267 Tenth Line Phone Numbers: 1-877-849-3637: Fax ... neurological and mental health, occupational health, oncology, paternity testing, … This site provides health care professionals and patients with information about diagnostic laboratory testing, transforming laboratory organizations and technology platforms. About AlphaBiolabs. LifeLabs genetics does offer expanded gene panels for hereditary cancer testing; however we believe that these type of panels are best ordered by genetic specialists in cancer genetics clinics after careful clinical assessment particularly when there is a complex medical and/or family history. Paternity Testing. LifeLabs Genetics™, in collaboration with Insception Biosences, is offering a bundled package that includes Panorama NIPT and cord blood/tissue banking. Your test is in safe hands. LifeLabs - North York - 4430 Bathurst St Phone Numbers: 1-877-849-3637: Fax ... neurological and mental health, occupational health, oncology, paternity testing, … Specialized Clinical Lab Testing - anti-aging and wellness, cardiovascular health, drug and alcohol screening, endocrinology, genetics, hematology and coagulation, immunological disorders, infection, metabolic disorders, neurological and mental health, occupational health, oncology, paternity testing, renal and hepatic health, reproductive health and pregnancy, therapeutic drug monitoring If the alleged father is in fact the biological father, the paternity will be confirmed with a minimum probability of 99.99%. We provide testing to the legal profession, corporations and members of … Using FDA-cleared testing reagents. When compared with urine specimen testing, hair testing provides up to 2.5 times the number of positives and a longer detection window. If the alleged father is not the biological father, the probability of paternity will be 0%. For Inquiries contact LifeLabs Client Information Centre 1-800-431-7206 The Test Information Directory on is a work in progress and is subject to change. Order Here. Share this article. Expanded Carrier Screening Even without a family history of disease, you can still be a carrier and benefit from this test, which screens for up to 288 conditions before or during pregnancy. Paternity testing starts from just £99. Our DNA Paternity Test offers a clear unequivocal answer. This site is subject to updates and you should ‘refresh’ each time you access this site.

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