Then I used colored pens to mark certain lengths on the strings. green is 3 feet, red 4 feet, blue 5 feet etc. would there be problems if use the condenser mic and the sm57 dynamic as overheads in these techniques? One is suspended 32'' above the center of the snare drum, pointing straight down. Use room mics to taste for a more ambient sound, placing them where the drums sound good in the room. Working at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis, TN, Matt discusses the mono overhead mic he’s using on the drums, one of only three mics he’s got on the kit. (i.e. For a tight focused sound, use XY (mic diaphragms in the same place and angled 90 degrees apart). It’s a little counterintuitive but sometimes getting the widest sounding mix actually means pulling the drum overheads into the center a bit. Overhead Mic Placement: The Mic Angle and Your On-Axis Focal Point. On the subject of imaging and width it’s worth noting that sometimes the cymbals can mask the guitars if they have a wide stereo field. Mono Drums Can Sound More Focused. Adjusting the overhead mic angle is another tool to get your balance right. This can be done by ensuring that they combine and level out the kit from the left to right, back to front and even top to bottom because each of these dimensions is crucial. matthew mcglynn. What you want to be "on-axis" is dependent on what you choose as the focal point for the overhead mics. July 16th, 2013 at 11:44 am It is because of this position I chose the 55SH Deluxe for its hyper cardioid pickup. X/Y overhead miking: two mics placed directly above the kit captures the stereo image with no phasing problems. I have a snare mic and bass drum mic as well as an sm57 and a perception 420 condenser mic. But for real, get a pair of small diaphragm condensers, put them a few feet directly above the drums. ). (Based on measuring overheads from snare etc.) The X/Y configuration involves placing the two overheads directly above the kit with their capsules next to each other. to rough-out mono overhead placement. The other is positioned near the drummer's right shoulder, pointing directly at the snare drum from 32" away. Sometimes the simplest setup is the best one, as you’ll see in this excerpt from Start to Finish: Matt Ross-Spang - Episode 1 - Setting Up The Live Room & Getting Sounds. 63 Responses to “Drum overhead microphone technique comparison” bill s. July 16th, 2013 at 6:55 am. Use two, use one, whatever works. There are really two main options here, an X/Y (or coincident) pair or a spaced pair. This technique requires that the kick drum is also equidistant from both microphones. It requires two Cardioid microphones. You should keep the front of the mics on axis with the kit as you move them forward or backward. The single snare mic can of course be put on top in the usual snare placement but I recommend micing the snare on the side aimed straight at the middle of the shell as this will give a very good single mic snare sound. Mic positioning 5. Mono OH placement story: I recently made a string ?JIG? Don’t compromise on sound quality just so you can get a stereo drum overhead, use your best mic on the most challenging instrument and you’ll likely get a better sound as a result! 3 Must Know Overhead Drum Mic Placements The overhead mics need to be augmented and given preference before setting up any other sound. I took 4 equal lengths of strings, and tied them together at one end.

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