They are simply packed in sunflower oil and a little salt, but their flavor is complex and smoky, and their texture is toothsome, chewy. Tin Pack of 24you may try to find full description and product details. Nutrition Facts . If you are interested in buying Latvian Smoked Riga Sprats in Oil 5.6 Oz. The fish has about 10.5% fat in its flesh and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This fish has large swings in its population size, particularly in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. I really liked these alot. For an explanation to our advertising policy, visit this page. Canned - Smoked sprats in oil ‘’The Best of Riga Gold” 120g produced by GAMMA-A. Status. You may try to find comparable items and sometimes it helps in selecting purchase. Tin Pack of 24. Is this Cheap? 8.5/10 #232 Pickled Eggs. However, they are also available as fresh fish, particularly in the countries near to where they live. If you see some, be sure to give them a go. Key Point: Sprats are small and nutritious fish with a similar (but smaller) appearance to sardines. There are lot of products all around the world claiming to be smoked sprats, they are not. Smoked Riga Sprats - sprats are small herring - are a traditional Eastern European treat, especially in Latvia, the source of this product. Latvian Smoked Riga Sprats in Oil 5.6 Oz. They are smoked sprats like products. Last Updated On Saturday April 11th, 2020 This article contains references to products that we track and research from the Amazon Affiliates Program. They were quite strongly smoked, but also sweet in flavour and not over-powering like some cured fishes can be. Gold Star. The bones were just the right side of not being too crunchy or sharp. #240 Smoked Sprats. Quality smoked sprats must be soft inside and same time skin must be dark golden and strong enough to keep the fish whole if you pick it up with the fork. The problem of bones/guts was, in the end, a non-issue. Reading reviews will give you a much complete understanding of the pros and cons of the product you need. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Canned sprats (usually smoked) are available in many north European countries, including the Baltic states, Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Russia. We hear they are hard to find not only in the rest of the USA, but even here in New York City. Sprats are often smoked before being canned in oil or brine, and they have a tasty and smoky flavor. Baltic Germans started to produce sprats for the Russian (Czar) Court and upper class in Latvia, Riga.

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