Laserium® is a registered trademark of LumaLaser, Inc. © 2018 LumaLaser, Inc. All rights reserved. Laserium became the world’s first popular live laser concerts, spawning thousands of imitations, but the quality of the experience is rarely duplicated. Laserists add their passion and creativity to create unique experiences in every laser concert. Timesteps Walter Carlos. Bringing the past and future together in one breathtaking show! Repersenting the greatest single advance for LASERIUM! Take a trip through the sounds of the fab four, and treat your eyes to th... LASERIUM - Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon - Experience live visual music to Breathe, On The Run, Time, Great Gig in the Sky, Money, Us & Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse, and an encore of One of These Days; lit up in incredible laserlight. Ivan Dryer, then a film maker, was treated to a lab demonstration of a new multi-colored laser at Cal Tech. Laserium Studios 16525 Sherman Way, Unit C3, Van Nuys, CA 91406 There are currently no upcoming dates for Laserium: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. Experience Laserium’s most innovative laser concert, featuring brilliant and eye-popping laser effects, Laser Visions is an adventurous music and light journey into the cosmos of your imagination. - Experience a magical-mystery-tour with LASERIUM and the added dimensions of brilliant pure laser-light creating amazing visual effects and impossible illusions! Pink Floyd: The Wall : The Doors : Laser-Rush 3: Best of Rush: 1992: the cure: wish : Laserium Rocks! LASERIUM® - THE BEATLES - A Laser Celebration! MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES - Experience multiple state-of-the-art lasers and breathtaking laser effects and projections to celebrate the legacy and visual music that is uniquely Laserium®. Bring your drinking face. U2 - Laserium Nine Inch Nails Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd: After the Moon Pink Floyd: Now and Then Pink Floyd: The Wall Jimi Hendrix: BBC Sessions Led Zeppelin: In The Beginning Led Zeppelin: In The Evening Hot Led: Zeppelins' Best (Molten Led) Dream On: The Music of Aerosmith Metallica the cure: wish The Doors U2 Genesis The Police Grateful Dead The Who: It's Hard 21st … SEPT 2 - 'The Beatles' & 'Pink Floyd... Laserium Beatles: A Laser-Light Celebration! Laserium I. Prelumia (introduction by Shadow Stevens) Clarion (an LII original) Neptune Gustav Holst. THE BEATLES! (She had previously worked … See the music! MoonRock was the first laser show to incorporate complex “3D” computer graphics. Beautiful laser illusions and laser ef... LASERIUM LASER HOLIDAYS - Celebrate with LASERS! Thursday, August 27th. He was so taken by the purity and intensity of the colors that he decided to make a film and set the beautiful patterns to music. Laserium: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. Laserium invented laser entertainment with such craft that a new art-form was created that became immediately popular around the world. Pepper Box The Peppers. Laserists play with light, performing live laser visuals to music. Laserists add their passion and … On one project, he worked with Dr. Elsa Garmire, a California Institute of Technology physicist interested in laser light art. Hot Led: Zeppelins' Best (Molten Led) LASER HOLIDAY '92: 1993: Inside Laserium : Lollapalaser : Dream On: The Music of Aerosmith: 1994: Laser Rage! 6 NO. NOW newly energized with layers of spectacular new laser and special FX. He is the founder of the world's first continuously running laser entertainment, known as Laserium.. Dryer was a filmmaker in the early 1970s.

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