I would set the EQ mode to Flat but you may prefer Movie or Music mode, it's up to you. The short answer is to set them where they sound best to you. Display as a link instead, × Nice write up Doc, but a couple questions. Basically sit in the listening or viewing location then have someone change the phase setting while playing music. × We focus on education, discussion, and sharing of entry and mid level separate & multi component audio systems. Likely it won't be. Any idea where these 2 knobs should be set at ? Also the remote control is a bit frustration with the SW. I have a 5.2.2. system and it is best to first set subwoofer volume to half. When setting channel volume, put your ear up to the sub to see, if it plays when the mains are playing (provided the noise they use is. But until then how do I set up my settings for the klipsch subwoofer? full-bandwidth). Here's a how-to I wrote up borrowing from tricks I've picked up over the years. Welcome to the forum.   You cannot paste images directly. I don't mess with the phase. Naturally, your ears are the final judges, but narrow dips and peaks are easiest to spot with a meter. OR, see if the mains play when the sub channel plays. Any advice on SW setting for the SW with the 41s? × I recently bought the R-41PM power speaker, fantastic! When you get it set right, you really shouldn't know it's there........you should not be drawn to the Sub................Just my take on it...........if the sub dominates the music it's too loud.. As you mentioned, the sub is just there to extend the speakers' low-frequency response. Of course it can be tweeked. If it's lower or higher than the reference level between 80-120Hz or so, adjust the sub hi-cut (or receiver LFE lo-cut) for the smoothest response, with the fewest dips and peaks. I have the sw112 klipsch subwoofer for now, waiting to get my captivator 4000ulf lp.   Pasted as rich text. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Start with phase at 0°. If your center speaker can produce 80Hz to 120Hz, then you want your low-pass crossover to be anywhere close to 90Hz. You should hear a drum beat from your sub at exactly the same time that you hear it from your bookshelves. It sounds good but I'm sure it could be better.. Sub: klipsch r-12sw | speaker: klipsch r-14m | amp: smsl q5 pro connected to sound blaster zx via optical |, Subwoofers connected via left & right audio cable to amp.. Phase is the hardest to set properly (and even if you get it "wrong" it likely won't really matter). There's people here that have a lot of knowledge that can help you with most or all questions. The crossover is the frequency point where the subwoofer will take over from the other speakers in your system. That is one of the clearest, easiest-to-use tools I have seen for balancing the sub with mains. Low Pass: This controls the crossover point. Than let your AV receivers calibrate all levels.   Your previous content has been restored. This is my first post. I got the most balanced sound. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. :). By I will attempt to use your suggestions this weekend! If there's a setting that seems to have more bass that's the setting to leave it. I'll go hunt down the, manual and make any necessary corrections. Don't you think 120 Hz is a high setting? Low-pass Crossover: The frequency below which your subwoofer will be working and the frequency above which your main speakers will be reproducing frequencies for anything sent to the LFE or sub channel. The short answer is to set them where they sound best to you. My advice would be to start a new thread in the Subwoofer section. If it's low or high between 30-80Hz, adjust the sub volume as needed. As far as setting the volume, phase only matters when two sources are, playing the same signal at the same time. You can control the subwoofer's volume directly here. "The third configuration also involves setting all of your, speakers to large and setting the LFE to Sub + Mains (or whatever the, equivalent for your brand of receiver). This range is the starting point when configuring your crossover. You should only need to change it to 180° if the bass sounds far away or a bit sloppy.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I've been meaning to contact, all the big manufacturers to get a more final word rather than trying, Another way to test the LFE+Mains thing would be to play Finding Nemo, or any other Pixar movie that has the audio/video configuration, utility. Without a meter, start with the sub hi-cut at 120 Hz for small main speakers or 80Hz for big main speakers. To set your phase adjustment, listen carefully to your whole system playing together. Thanks to everyone for your help. hawkssr, September 27, 2006 in Home Theater. I use Surround Test CD, a Finnish CD meant for setting up Dolby Pro Logic (4.1) systems, but its most useful feature for me is a set of 25-second-long test tones, from 200Hz down to 10Hz. Also, in your steps, wouldn't it be best to get the phase of the speakers correct BEFORE setting the volume level (and eq) via any on-board auto-set function? It booms! Set the volume so bass instruments sound natural and you won't be far off. Then, turn on the sub and run through the tones again. For volume, 9 or 10 o'clock (3 or 4 on the dial if it has numbers) is a good starting point, and try around 80Hz as a hi-cut setting. From my experience i like the sub in the front, but some people like it in the back but it just sounds more right in the front. I usually have my crossover around 120hz on the sub with it on 80hz on the receiver, and my rw-8's volume is up all the way. Your settings are ok but i would run audyssey so that it would set a sub at around -6 db so that if you would like it to run hotter (like many of us do) 3-6db you wouldnt exceed generally recommended 0 db (positive numbers for sub are not ok). I dont think the amp supports LFE. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. You use those to tailor the sub's performance to the rest of your system and your room. Adjust it till you are happy. Enjoy klipsch. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Placement seems to be good. I would set the EQ mode to Flat but you may prefer Movie or Music mode, it's up to you. I just want to be sure but I did some research, so I set the lpf to lfe bullcrap to 120 then I turned the lowpass on the back of my sub to the highest setting which is 150Hz I believe. Cookies help us deliver our Services. First, I turn off the sub and run through the tones with the meter at the listening position, writing them all down, to see what the unassisted speakers do.

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