Early custom keyboards such as the DK Saver, OTD 356L, and Duck Orion v1 only offered materials such as polycarbonate, aluminum, and steel but as of recent, we have seen a major growth in types of materials used. Exploded view of the SP-111, showing the layers of a keyboard: the top case, brass plate, PCB, and bottom case. The removal of the alpha cluster on the plate means that the alphas will not create any reverberation through the plate, allowing for a much quieter bottom out. Besides keeping the switches aligned, one of the primary purposes of the plate is to alleviate stress from the PCB and provide a more consistent and firm typing feel. $20.00 KBD75V1 V2 Brass Plate. ... Any doubt about your keyboard file measures, materials or finishes? Sort By: Show: NEW. A big thank you to Subluxe for providing this introduction to mechanical keyboard plates! Plates can also be designed in different layouts to accommodate accordingly. Although not required for certain mounting styles, the plate is in the overwhelming majority of mechanical keyboard builds. With the constant innovation going on the hobby, plate production adds another level of customization alongside mounting styles, formats, switch choice, modifications, and more. Besides the cutouts for switches, some custom keyboards may have additional cuts to the plate. These cuts are called acoustic cuts and are meant to give a more consistent sounding bottom out. Lastly, plate materials greatly impact the sound profile of the board and the combination with switch choices great many opportunities to tailor typing sounds. Plates can also introduce a different typing feel, and varies depending on what material is used. He offers many keyboard related services, including builds, repairs, switch lubing, and hotswap installation. from $9.41 KBDfans75 aluminum plate A. Unlike other major components of a mechanical keyboard, plates are not found in every keyboard but are the most unique in terms of materials and design. top mount)  and this often results in a plate being necessary to the build. Current plate materials available: Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Add To Cart NEW. $42.00 Carbon fiber DZ60RGB Hot swap plate… This concept, as well as the added material allow for a much more uniform bottom-out noise, eliminating the reverb typically found in thinner plates. DZ60 ANSI CNC Brass Plate- 2.25u Left Shift (KBDFans) $44.00. Because these plates are much thicker, switches do not clip to the plate like their 1.5mm counterparts, but hold to the whole bottom portion of the switch instead. Many custom keyboards use mounting methods that involve the plate (i.e. Perfectly brushed and treated surface. Normally, these cuts are usually found around the function row and number row, separating the alpha cluster from the rest. Less dense materials, such as carbon fiber, FR4, POM, and polycarbonate do not resonate, produce a lower pitched sound, and offer more flexibility, allowing for a less harsh bottom out. Keycult’s No.2 plate features extensive flex cuts for a uniform typing feel and minimal contact with the keyboard case. Plates come in all sizes and layouts, but most importantly they can be made with an expansive range of materials. In this course, we’ll cover the role of the plate and the factors to consider when looking at a keyboard kit or plate option. Website: https://subluxe.caTwitter: @SubluxeMK. Plates play a huge role in the feeling of a keyboard, based on the material used as well as the thickness and design of the plate. Mechanical Keyboard Plates. Current plate materials available: Aluminum and Stainless Steel. from $9.41 Transparent black Steel plate satellite shaft customization Mechanical keyboard plate stab. Subscribe to the Keyboard University newsletter. By adding additional cuts, we reduce the material in the plate, giving it added flexibility as well as a more reverb-y bottom out sound, while also creating a more consistent typing feel across the keyboard. In plateless builds, the stress of bottoming-out is directly on the PCB, and without the reinforcement of a plate, it allows for a more bouncy and flexible typing experience. The Candybar Premium keyboard offers three options for plate materials: aluminum (pictured here in four colors), carbon fiber, and polycarbonate. Dense materials, such as stainless steel and brass create higher pitched sounds and are very rigid, offering little to no flexibility. The most famous material for keyboard plates. Presented by TheKey.Company & friends. Now, you’re equipped with the knowledge of making a better decision when it comes to your next keyboard build. To those that prefer a less stiff typing experience, half plates eliminate the section that alphas would normally clip in to, to allow for flexibility around the alpha cluster. Aluminum is often considered the middle ground, providing a touch of flexibility, while maintaining a slightly higher pitched, and more prominent bottom out sound. The addition of a plate creates a more rigid feel and also affects the sound signature depending on the material of the plate. Submit your e-mail address to receive free updates and promotions. The Polaris by ai03 and Kevinplus features a variety of plate formats and materials, including the polycarbonate half-plate and brass full pictured above. Plates come in all sizes and layouts, but most importantly they can be made with an expansive range of materials. With the exception of acrylic and POM (1.6mm), almost all plate materials are generally made at a thickness of 1.5mm. As time went on other materials such as brass, carbon fiber, FR4, and POM were introduced to custom keyboards and have become increasingly popular in new interest checks. For previous examples of his work, be sure to check out his website! Some plates are also designed to be universal, allowing the user to select their layout of choice, and others are restricted to fit a single layout. Justin "Subluxe" is an active member of the Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard community and one of the co-organizers of the Vancouver Mech Meetup.

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