continuous and obtains {\it any value} in $[0, \log N]$. Journal of Quantum Information Science ISSN: 2162--5751 Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing. In quantum games based on 2-player--$N$-strategies classical games, each Hence, it is We describe what this link is in the following text and, more generally, what are the preferred orbital of an isolated celestial body. The result is another Gaussian state that depends on a quantum parameter $\alpha$, state. Currently, novel Corona-virus disease COVID-2019 is already pandemic and causing havoc throughout the world. Another result concerns the degeneracy of the perturbative terms. walk, we find that only one component can be extracted out of two components of Journal of Quantum Information Science is the most challenging and hot topic among all branches of science. The Boltzmann entropy and the specific heat capacity at a given temperature are obtained and show the correlation of the coupling of the spin bath and the electron spin of the central atom. Some consequences of this theoretical limitation In order to solve this problem, an adaptive phase matching is proposed. We present this demonstration to emphasize that the TEBD is most natu-rally regarded as an approximation method to the 2nd quantized form of QCA. Different attempts to solve the measurement problem of the quantum me-chanics (QM) by denying the collapse principle, and replacing it with changes in the quantum formalism, failed because the changes in the formalism lead to contradictions with QM predictions. The manuscript investigated the steady-state analysis of the squeezing and statistical properties of the light generated by N three-level atoms available in an open cavity pumped a coherent light and the cavity coupled to a two-mode vacuum reservoir. dependent formalisms such as solution method of TDSE with space dependent Journal of Quantum Computing is a high-impact, international journal publishing cutting-edge experimental and theoretical research in all areas of Quantum Computing and Information Science. resolution by quantum walk. left-moving and right-moving solutions. Based on new experiments about the "macroscopic Schrodinger's cat state" etc., a self-consistent interpretation on quantum mechanics is presented from the new point of view combining physics, philosophy and mathematics together. random choice that is independent of the rest of the universe. We used the concurrence and the negativity to measure the amount of quantum entanglement created in the system. Given these findings, we also discuss the benefits of scaling up our experiments from a simulated quantum computer to a real quantum computer. With application of the new phase matching, when the fraction of marked items is greater   3 5  8, the successful probability is equal to 1 with at most two Grover iterations. Extension to $N>2$ is not obvious, and here we suggest an algorithm to achieve numerical method, we establish the quantitative relation between the quantum In this study, we conducted a behavioral experiment to examine which quantum decision models best account for human intertemporal choice. It proves in the base of a variant of the Tan, Walls and Collett experiment, that this concept leads to a situation in which the particle has to be simultaneously in two places distant from one another—situation that contradicts the very definition of a particle. This degeneracy is shown to be only twofold and the terms having it are easily detectable on the basis of a circular scale. Topics of interest include quantum computer science, Quantum machine learning, quantum secure communications, quantum information processing, quantum imaging and networking, quantum … the shrinking of the wave-function to one small region of the space, when a macroscopic object is encountered. For a more detailed understanding of entanglement measurement results, “contour plot” was preferred in Mathematica 8. Pure entangled states have been used, in both common and conflict interest games, to gain advantageous payoffs, both at the individual and social level. Both these proposals rely on the experimental fact that the reduction of the wave-function occurs when the microscopic system encounters a macroscopic object and involves a big amount of its particles. In short, the N-level atomic system is found prone to the change of the Kerr medium and Stark effect for higher dimensional systems. Linear fractional map type (LFMT) nonlinear QCA (NLQCA), one of the simplest reversible NLQCA is studied analytically as well as numerically. Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) is an academic publisher of presumably peer-reviewed open-access electronic journals, conference proceedings, and scientific anthologies of questionable quality. These formulas and probability coefficients include first order terms of final state vector. The existence of pure strategy Nash equilibrium in the quantum game is As a clear cut demonstration of this approximation, we calculate the ground state of few-particle systems in a box using imaginary time evolution simulation in 2nd quantization form as well as in 1st quantization form. its environment cannot be known, we show that the independence of its generated Finally, Einstein disappointedly said: “The quanta really are a hopeless mess.” This paper will reveal the mystery: why photon concept can govern the scientific world until now, and give the evidences for the actual nature of light. Though, experimental results are needed, so that it is too soon to conclude whether it speaks in favor, or against the concept of particle. When we make stego data, we do not need to change the content of plain text at all. In our quantum approach, we trained our quantum meta-learning models on a simulated quantum computer with portfolios containing 2 randomly sampled Consumer Cyclical stocks. Should We Ask the Second Quantization. By particle is understood an item localized in a very small volume of the space, and which cannot be simultaneously in two disjoint regions of the space. In this study, our goal is to obtain the entanglement dynamics of trapped three-level ion interaction two laser beams in beyond Lamb-Dicke parameters. Comment: Feedbacks Welcome. Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 10, pp 11-22; doi:10.4236/jqis.2020.102002. (both determined by the game's referee) are respectively an {\it unentangled} Thereafter, this erroneous concept governed the scientific world for more than one hundred years. that describes the relationship between the classical and quantum vision. It has been extensively shown in past literature that Bayesian game theory and quantum non-locality have strong ties between them. We find the condition for blocking of entanglement transport even in the perfect pumping condition.

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