It has the same ts sound from the double z as pizza. With only a few exceptions, the word “beautiful” is primarily used as an adjective. Another example of a complex situation boiled down to one word, this entire scenario is the meaning of the verb meriggiare. The difference is that the O at the end of the word is spoken like the O in the word “top” rather than being a long O like the O in “Hello.” The feminine singular form, bella, is pronounced like the word “fella” in English, with the last letter making an “ahh” sound. One new direction -- or is it two? Quite possibly the most beautiful word for a color in any language, azzurro is the Italian word for “blue.”. The first c comes before a u, meaning it’s a “hard c” and it has a k sound. Scarpetta is another word that helps you practice short r rolls, which are referred to as a “flap.” It’s very similar to pronouncing a d in English. This walk is... Allora. The rest of the word is said phonetically: “ooh,” “gee” and “mento.” With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to articulate this complicated feeling more easily than you can explain it! It can also signify time, such as “then,” or “at the time.”. It’s a language of love, emotion and passion. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. The perfect word for the first time you see Italian scenery, mozzafiato means “breathtaking.”. That’s because spicy pasta sauce is referred to as arrabbiata ! Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Just say it with a little more vigor and you’ll be spot on. The way the words flow into one another forms a lovely song. This is a good one to know when you go to Italy, as you’ll find most of the landscapes and scenery to be mozzafiato ! It’s always great when a word sounds like its meaning. Is there a language more beautiful? Italian words for beauty include bellezza, bella, meraviglia, estetici, la bellezza and beltà. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Gaglioffo. Artefatto. Expand your Italian vocabulary with these must know words and phrases. Italian is a phonetic language that can be easy to master once you learn the rules. Thanks for subscribing! The Italian language is magical. Superlatives are a form of speech used to describe a person or object that’s the most beautiful or the most extraordinary. This means, “You are quite beautiful,” or, “You are most beautiful.” When addressing a man, use the masculine variation, Sei molto bello! Azzurro. To break this word down phonetically, you would say “kooky-i-o” with emphasis on the i. Start learning Italian with these words! Ammaliare. Stupendo. It’s midday, the heat of the day is at its highest and you find yourself seeking a nice spot of shade to relax in and escape the harsh sun. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons, as you can see here: FluentU helps you get comfortable with everyday Italian by combining all the benefits of complete immersion and native-level conversations with interactive subtitles. and the double r lets you practice rolling them. Related Posts. Whether you are shopping alta moda (high couture) or not, staff in most Italian stores can probably find a way to please you without you having to say a word. (Most double consonants in Italian are pronounced with the same sounds as single consonants, just more forcefully!). Some things are just better said in Italian! Just remember, you only fai la scarpetta once you’ve finished your pasta! You can hold the long, rounded o for a beat or two, and when you’ve finally brought your next word to the tip of the tongue, you can finish with a soft rolled r and a short ah. Beautiful things come when you're not looking. When greeting a beautiful person, say Ciao bella! They both mean ‘very beautiful,’ but ‘molto … Just saying the word can bring to mind a bright, sunny day. or Ciao bello! Follow that with a brief eh sound and a strong stop with the double t and you’ll sound like a local in no time. The masculine singular form of the word beautiful in Italian, bello, is pronounced similarly to the word “hello” in English. We combed our own diccionarios for Italian words that could make perfectly appropriate, attractive Italian baby names. pleasant, nice, enjoyable, pleasing, pleasurable. Culaccino is a perfect example of this. A great exclamation for when you’re frustrated, basta is an Italian word for “enough” or “stop it!” A shortened version of the word abbastanza, which also means “enough,” basta is the word you use when you’re done dealing with something. Access a complete interactive transcript of every video under the Dialogue tab, and review words and phrases with convenient audio clips under Vocab. Food is an important part of Italian culture, so it’s no surprise that some of their beautiful words would pertain to food. Used on its own, allora can convey annoyance or impatience. This is one of the easier words on the list to pronounce, despite the double soft r rolls! Granciporro. Since the publication of The Divine Comedy in the 1300s, the first major literary work written in Italian, the Italian language has had a reputation for being singularly beautiful. The double z makes a ts sound, much like in pizza (one of the best Italian foods!) Combining the t and rolled r can be a bit of a stumbling block, but with practice, you’ll be able to say them together seamlessly. Some Italian pronunciations you may already know, like the double z in pizza! For example, it’s easy enough to learn when a c should have a hard k sound (cuore/heart) or a ch sound (ciotola/bowl). This word means ‘walk’ – but it is so much more than a late afternoon or an evening stroll. Start using Fluent on the website, or better yet, download the app from iTunes or the Play store. Many languages have words for complex situations that English doesn’t have. Ciccio (chiccho) – For a chubby boy Patato – For a chubby best friend Chicco (kikko) – For an old time friend Chiccino (kikkino) – For a young, old time friend capture this Italian beauty in your own speech, like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks, download the app from iTunes or the Play store, The Here-and-now Guide to Using the Italian Present Continuous, 96 Essential Italian Travel Phrases and Words to Pack for Your Trip to Italy, Curl Up with a Book: Italian Novel Even Beginners Can Read, Come Here Often? La vita è più dolce con te. This is the Italian Core 100 List. The best part? This fun-to-say word is one to pull out when you order soup. Quite possibly the most beautiful word for a color in any language, azzurro is the Italian word for “blue.” Just saying the word can bring to mind a bright, sunny day. Does it sound familiar? nice, good, lovely, handsome, fine. By Alex Hammond . Italian Phrases. Much like the harsh, rolled, double r suggests, arrabbiato means “angry” in Italian. The following pet names are among the cutest nicknames the Italian language has to offer, so, if you need a cute nickname for that cute-looking guy, any of the following names would be great!. When you need a transition word, chances are the word you’re looking for is allora. Scarpetta is the bread that’s used to sop up the last morsels of a delicious sauce. All Rights Reserved. Featured Learn languages. With pronunciation practice, in no time you’ll be saying these words (and all kinds of other beautiful Italian words) like a local! Lapalissiano. Share yours in the comments section! 2. This list is just a small sample of the beautiful words Italian has to offer. How to say Beautiful in Italian. This word is another phonetically simple one. Whether you want to say “so,” “well” or “then,” it’s the go-to for just about any filler word. Italian Phrases to Make the Heart Sing. Most English speakers will associated mozza with cheese. Think of how you would say cappuccino ! 1. The word originates from the grave of Marshal Jacques de La Palice. Plus, it’ll tell you exactly when it’s time for review. 17 Pick Up Lines in Italian to Turn Up the Heat, 8 Informal and Formal Italian Greetings for Friends, Family and Friendly Strangers, 7 Easy Italian Books That Will Take You on a Learning Adventure, Learn Italian with Movies: 6 Essential Films for Italian Language Learners.

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