Retrieved January 31, 2016, from, [ii] What Is Selective Attention? Yet, the industry upholds a strict law of informing audiences of the appropriate level of their content in the form of rating system[xviii]. Their campaign included not just ads, but seemingly “normal” user posts seen by 126 million unsuspecting Facebook users. The company was satisfied with the result. The campaign ran for 60 days with 60 actors/actresses for the first campaign and 60 actresses for the second campaign working in 10 cities on the mission. First, let’s start off with looking at stealth marketing from a marketer’s point of view. (n.d.). For example, most audiences would not recognize fake blogging and astroturfing even though they know of the concept. Stealth marketing is undoubtedly the first step towards building a strong brand image among the masses. The question is thus how do you balance it out? There is a really good matrix by Roy and Chattopadhyay: It defines the various levels of stealth marketing practises where the “damaging ethical extend” is measured by looking at the perception and awareness of the consumer as well as that of the competitor. Sony Ericsson Campaign Uses Actors To Push Camera-Phone in Real Life. On the other hand, stealth marketing is a double-edged sword. There is always an issue of sexism towards women in advertising; and in stealth marketing, there is no difference. Please note that 3 out of the 31 respondents in this survey were marketers who practiced stealth marketing. We all want to stand out in the sea of loud advertisements. No One Trusts Advertising or Media (Except Fox News). For this group of supporters, they felt that stealth marketing was a creative way to bring advertising to the audiences. This way, audiences and parents of children are aware of their existence. Fake Controversy – In 2015, Starbucks’ famous Christmas mug collection was just a simple solid red cup. but I've accepted that it's part of our culture now...”. Sony Ericsson spent US$5 million on this campaign in an effort to get people talking about their new phones. All these become possible only when consumers have a first-time good impression of the product or brand. (2008, April 6). For example, we tend to pay more interest to food advertisements when we are hungry. Selective perception is how people “perceive what they want to in media messages while ignoring opposing viewpoints[xii].” This process relates to personal beliefs of each individual. But we should focus on standing out by being clever, refreshing, thought-provoking… not sleazy. I guess most of you would answer that it is your text book. If we were to practice similar regulations for the marketing industry, not a rating system, but informing the audience of what they should be informed of. This is important in how the messages are perceived. Yet, stealth marketing has evolved in such a way that it is so hard to detect, even by educated audiences. Moreover, there are other groups of people who are even more vulnerable or might be more adversely affected. “I was with a bunch of hot girls and we would just walk into bars, whip out our BlackBerries, and try to get guys to look at them by flirting,” says Royter. How would we feel about it? Unlike general advertisements, there is less amount of monitoring the marketing messages being presented to audiences by the stealth marketers. Not knowing that a marketing activity is actually a marketing act, your protective mechanisms are put off guard. Retrieved January 31, 2016, from, [xi] D. (n.d.). Some of the more commonly accepted practices include online and offline advertising in media like newspapers, websites, and broadcasted channels. The campaign eventually became one of the most talked about stealth marketing practices to date. What if the ad came in a form of a conversation, a movie, or a game? On the other hand, 13% of the respondents, which is 4 out of 31 people, supported the idea. August 8, 2002, marked a historical date for the marketing industry when one of the biggest mobile phone company at that time – Sony Ericsson, launched its guerrilla marketing campaign for its new mobile phone model T68i.

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