Similar to leave-in conditioner products, there are conditioners made for co-washing your curls. The Pantene’s Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo is on the list of Curly Girl-approved shampoos, according to a post on Conditioner ohne Silikone & Sulfate – noch auf der Suche? I’d love to read about your experience with Pantene. Not only does it make it easier to clean, but it gives each strand the attention it needs. 1. Finding products that work for curly hair can be interesting. Very informative post too. There was minimal frizz when I let my hair air dry without styling. It’s been a great addition to the list of Pantene Pro-V products, however, people are still questioning whether it’s worth the purchase. That’s how you’ll know it’s properly rinsed. Copyright © 2020 The Holistic Enchilada - Curly Hair + Clean Beauty, Free Masterclass To Start A Profitable Blog, Disclosure, Privacy Policy, & Terms & Conditions. Is Pantene Pro-V Curl Mousse Curly Girl Friendly? It wasn’t until I discovered the value in my locks that I began to appreciate them. Motherhood Through My Eyes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I haven’t used Pantene but I know people who swear by it. I haven’t used Pantene for a while, but it looks like worked well with your hair. Washing out the conditioner is important. This post contains Target affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Pro-V Defined Curls Mousse ; Ingredients checked January 2019 Your email address will not be published. Second, you’ll need to look into co-washing. rps23 Registered Users Posts: 53. Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner . The second time you apply conditioner just to let it sit. Die Curly Girl Methode ist eine Haarroutine für Naturlocken, die du in 5 Schritten durchführen kannst. I'm Delilah and here you will learn how to embrace your curls and make the switch to clean beauty products. I have been trying to find better hair products for my daughters hair. Welcome to The Holistic Enchilada! For years, I had a hard time using curly hair products. Other UK Curly Girl Method Approved Styling Products. It’s improved throughout the years. Inexpensive, yet functional, is one of the ways I’d describe the Pantene Rose Water shampoo and conditioner duo. 3. Holistic Enchilada is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. 10 Best Curly Girl Approved Shampoos here. love the curls! Shop Giovanni Smooth As Silk conditioner here, THE QUICK START GUIDE TO MASTERING YOUR CURLS, How to choose the right products when starting the curly girl method, 50+ affordable curly girl approved products, How to clarify when following the curly girl method, How To Tell If A Product Is Clean – Reading Ingredients Labels, 5 Curly Girl Method Beginner Tips To Ensure Success. If your hair lacks moisture, the first thing you want to do is minimize the times you wash it. To get the most out of your first co-washing experience, you should brush your hair before applying water. My mom would by it for her wavy hair and I would have to use my dad’s products (he has curly hair). Shop the Giovanni Root 66 conditioner here. Click submit to see if it is Curly Girl (CG) Approved! Here's where you'll discover parenting hacks, self care essentials, and other recommendations of products my family uses. It’s about the technique. Aw, thanks Jazmin. This will prevent buildup on your scalp and unnecessary dandruff. If you get a chance to try any of the products mentioned in this post, please let me know. Hope all is well on your end. We respect your privacy. All Rights Reserved. You decide how you’d like to pass the time. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Wenn du dich an bestimmte Regeln und Inhaltsstoffe hälst, bekommst du damit wunderschöne Locken.. Ich zeige dir hier, welche Regeln es bei der Curly Girl Methode zu befolgen gilt und welche Produkte nötig sind. That’s because much of the Method’s teachings say that sulfates, often used in shampoo, can cause damage to hair and ruin curls forever. Not all curly hair is the same, and not all products yield the same results. My curls felt soft to the touch after washing it with the Pantene Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo. This is the time you can use to shave, bathe or paint your nails. Quick tip: Make sure you can see the water coming out clear (no suds) when you finish rinsing. Newly CG 2B/C My hair loves Pantene Curl Mousse, Rich Conditioners & Diffusing Hates Curl Cream & Gel Growing to BSL:money: 0. I tried co-washing a few years ago, but didn’t really commit to it enough to see proper results, Former B2B Digital Marketer and Editor turned Family/Lifestyle Blogger. I love Pantene shampoo and conditioner for my hair and Your hair looks so beautiful I love it. There’s plenty of Curly Girl Styling products you can buy in the UK and they range from mousses to sprays and creams. Pantene products have come a long way since the last time I used them on my hair and the company seems to be listening to consumers’ needs. Whether you try this Pantene for curly hair product or not, learning to care for your curls goes beyond the product. Married mom of three kids and two pups residing in South Florida. I suspect it’s because there are very few CGA mousses. Thanks for the review! Co-wash is an interesting term being used. At the time of purchasing the products mentioned above, the Pantene Blends Deep Moisture Mask wasn’t available at our local Target store. To answer whether or not to use Pantene for curly hair depends on your needs. The Pantene’s Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo is on the list of Curly Girl-approved shampoos, according to a post on Is Pantene For Curly Hair? To answer whether or not to use Pantene for curly hair depends on your needs. This one product by Pantene appears to be a cult Curly Girl product. © Copyright 2013-2020 Motherhood Through My Eyes. Enter the ingredients separated by commas. 5. Mousse. Shop the Jessicurl daily conditioner here. The conditioner is smooth when applied to damp hair. After using these two products on my curls, I believe that products from Pantene for curly hair do work. I now switch between mousse and gel and find this to be a winning combo. Thank you. Living in South Florida has taught me to not only appreciate my curly hair but also to properly care for them, too. If should feel smooth to the touch. 1. I switched to bar shampoo and conditioner last year and my hair has never felt better. This Botanique conditioner has a slightly different formula, but it is still silicone free and does contain comparable ingredients for the low price of $4.99 for 25 oz at Walgreens. I have always enjoyed Pantene products for my hair and will have to check out their new rose water line. Please read the. Scrub that conditioner to your hair like you would your shampoo, but give your ends the full treatment. I do plan to purchase it and share my thoughts as well. If you simply must wash your hair, as long as you buy a sulfate-free shampoo, you should be in the clear. It didn’t work for my curls. Using your hands, separate your hair into four sections. They need all the loving! Concentrate on one section and comb through your hair using your hands. Damit sind sie safe für die Curly Girl Methode. I chose the following curly girl approved conditioners based on a few points: slip; ingredient quality; concentration – how much you need to use; how lightweight to heavy it is; buildup potential ; I have assigned a number from 1 to 5 for each category, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. Price: About $0.20/oz.

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