Even if you want, you can also sell your game key on this site. Well, for me, the seller refunded (to the balance) me after the code was invalid, BUT, I am unable to withdraw the money from g2a balance. Since Steam also provides matchmaking services for online games, finding others with whom to play is never a problem. there’s no doubt that G2A is a great marketplace to buy games. Sure it is “legal” but in a sense that they for some reason cannot get sued or arrested, not that their practices are ok. Customers and devs are still getting ripped off. Hi Andreas, I am totally aware of the many complaints about G2A, but does that mean it isn’t a legit marketplace? You should attach screen captures showing the game key and the error message that you see when you attempt to activate the key. Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { Stop telling people to use grey market key sites. That would be interesting to know eh. And yes, Bridget, the seller was highly rated. Hi Alin, sorry to hear about your bad experience. That makes this a little risky. Thanks. Therefore, the chances of people getting keys using stolen money are very few. Even though there are some problems with the site but overall those problems are mainly with 1% users. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_11"); G2A site is great but it also suffers from trust issues from many users. For this reason buying from somewhere like CDKeys maybe a smarter choice. According to the FAQ, you should contact G2Play’s customer service team if a key does not work. So I have now 82 EUR in it. And they say . As with Steam, many of the prices for current games on GOG will be higher than those on G2A. Hi Morgan, I’ve approved your comment, but would really appreciate it if you can provide some links to the latest information you refer to. Since the revenue share on G2A is so small — and games typically sell for less than the standard retail price on the platform — developers don’t stand to earn much money by signing up. Key resellers often are given offers like "Here are 5,000 keys for this game, and I will sell them for X amount of money." When you buy a game on Steam, it becomes a part of your game library forever — even if you remove the game from your computer. Or Paypal like stated above. Is G2A safe? G2A also asks developers to join the program if they want G2A to investigate stolen game keys — a practice that YouTube personality John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has called a “protection racket.”. I find this site is rather unreliable, G2A is the number one scam site But on the other hand do other marketplaces like eBay offer a money back guarantee? This is a big issue and G2A says that acquiring games at bulk is nowadays impossible for normal customers. Please redo your research and post an update, this time considering the developers and customers point of view. geef mijn geld terug! If you are new to G2A or already a member of G2A who consistently buys games from this site then there will be some questions in your mind. G2A Review In 2020, 15 Best Indie Games For Switch In 2020 To Play, 10 Best Games like Babydow To Play In 2020, 10 Best Games like Raid Shadow Legends In 2020. Can someone see if this is legit. And I have seen most of the problems and perks that this site has to offers. In this respect it is no different to eBay. So does the G2A. I am not trying to wind you up I promise, I’m asking the question because it seems to me (perhaps wrongly) that G2A is as legit as any other p2p marketplace where you can buy game keys. I got no acknowledgement from G2A customer service other than read the terms and conditions. G2A is an online marketplace connecting buyers to sellers of game keys and digital assets such as 3-D models and Steam skins. 1 Demonic Heart Honorable. They bought the ecode using a credit card, and sold it to you. You automatically have their subscription selected which is quite annoying. G2A get its keys from many different developers, people who don’t wanna play that game for some reason, many sellers who bought games at bulk to make some profit and more. All of this is a problem of the G2A user but unfortunately, G2A seems to focus on making sure their company doesn’t suffer any legal action then taking steps for the users to resolve their problem. Only posting this to give you an alternate view, I would say devils advocate but I believe that was the original article. This has been proven again and again. Some sellers on G2A take advantage of that fact by buying inexpensive game keys intended for developing nations and reselling those keys at higher prices on G2A. This is the main problem with the G2A site which I’ll talk in detail later. The company lost thousands of dollars and was dropped by its payment processor.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'citizenjournal_net-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',118,'0','0'])); Some G2A sellers have obtained game keys by posing as YouTube personalities. You can check the full list from the above link. We don’t sell any products, we’re just a blog. As mentioned above, sellers on G2A are no longer anonymous. G2A is a Gray market site that means it provides games keys at affordable prices. My lifetime advice, AVOID G2A, stick with Kinguin, InstantGaming, HumbleBundle, or any of the other main re-sellers that don't pull this. G2A offers a large selection of sellers. setTimeout( It’s totally legal unless the seller obtains those keys from frauds. Customer feedback can help you determine whether the keys that the seller offers actually work. You may also increase your safety on G2A by becoming a G2A Shield subscriber. Some developers have petitioned Steam and other game marketplaces to disable keys obtained through fraud. In simple terms, it depends but if you want the majority favorite answer then Yes, G2A is a safe place to buy games keys from but you need to remember checking seller’s ratings first. It has the best prices. Let me first clarify how does G2A actually works. Most sellers purchasing keys in bulk and selling them on G2A at some profit. Like eBay, G2A allows you to see how many transactions a seller has completed. 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