1 decade ago. Minors are worth it in the sense of personal accomplishment, because since they don't appear on your degree, nobody knows if you have one unless you tell them or … As long as it's not like delaying graduation then it's not a big deal. There is a reason the vast majority of people aren't working in their major field. As a physics major, we basically only have to take one class to get a math minor. I mean it's unlikely to benefit you in getting a job, but if it's something that interests you or you just want to do it for the hell of it, then do whatever you want. Currently I'm in CC finishing some stuff up there. Thank you . At my school a math minor is 3 quarters of regular calculus, two quarters of multivariable, and a choice of (I think) discrete math or intro to proofs. If you have time and you’re interested, then I think it’s great. OMG, this is exactly my problem. Almost all renowned experts in the field are either computer scientist or mathematician. People are far to concerned with degree names when it's always been about how your skills/classes relate to the job you want. I can just try to answer this subjective. Thank you for the input. I've crossed off the entrepreneurship one. You probably think that it means you're a cool hacker, infiltrating Russian Mafia websites and shutting them down, making the world safe for “average” people. Of course minor in music. That being said, you better invest your time either in computer science or mathematics. Not exactly a minor but close, my concentration was material science. I have a minor in Chinese because if I dropped it then they wouldnt be able to have the class. Also, for the music minor at NYU (not any majors at steinhardt, just music minor) do you have to audition? My sister does Pharmacy at nottingham and its made me realise that i want to do that. What a College Minor Is and Why It Matters A minor in college often complements a major and allows students to explore another discipline. I chose a psych minor because I'm interested in behavioral econ and I didn't have enough time to add psych as a major. I'm glad I declared it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm not talking about a second minor, I'm only talking about having one minor. I'm not getting a minor with a major in finance because it's just a waste of money and time. First, make sure you understand what a career in cyber security really means. something you love to study but it isn't very marketable as a major. Typically, they say to "minor in what you love, major in what gets you a job." The history minor added to his research and writing skills which he didn't get so much as a biochem major. A minor in economics is unlikely to meaningfully change your job options after college unless you end up pursuing internships or research related to economics and end up with additional work experience or job skills. You generally have to take general education requirements regardless. 4 Answers. Minors typically do not have any real impact on your future career. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'm through my college degree and all I can say in is major in something you enjoy. It's closely related to my main field of study and it recently helped me get into a new area of the field who were specifically looking for material science engineers. The only real place they provide career worth is in applying for grad school -- if you apply for a graduate degree in a field that's not your major, having a minor in that field helps because you can demonstrate that you understand the discipline, its methodologies, etc. No. If it helps I'm currently studying nanoscale engineering. Besides, I was already fluent in the language, I didn't need a minor … Minors are also useful if you intend to attend graduate school in a different subject/field than your undergraduate major, because having the minor in the subject you wish to pursue at the graduate level at least means you have the background information and basic knowledge required to perform in that subject. The subreddit for discussion related to college. A minor might give you additional relevant skills, but not typically. While your minor probably won't make or break your application, it can serve as an additional piece of information to make you stand out a bit from the rest of the academic crowd. What a minor is worth is what you learn from your minor and how you apply that knowledge, whether it be separate from your major (some people major in something more in-demand and minor in their interests) or it complements your major (eg.

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