Is a substitute for’ Really?’ and it also expresses enthusiasm. Also verify your answer from the answers provided in the end of the exercise. 1) Eek! used, often in a way that is intended as a joke, for showing that you are very annoyed or shocked by something, used for expressing a feeling, for example for showing that you are interested, surprised, pleased, or annoyed, used for expressing surprise or excitement at successfully doing something, Britishinformal used for expressing surprise, used for showing that you are surprised or annoyed. Ltd. All rights reserved. I just saw a snake is in the bushes! Oh! impolite used for expressing surprise or anger. Exemples : Ah ! used for introducing something surprising that you are about to tell or show someone, informal used for expressing surprise, admiration, anger etc, Scottish used for expressing a particular emotion such as surprise or anger, or for emphasizing what you are saying, used for showing that you did not know something, literary used when reacting to something, especially if you are surprised or pleased, said when you do something unusual or unexpected, spoken here it is: used when you want to show something to someone, especially as a surprise, used for emphasizing how sudden and surprising something is. This is the British English definition of surprise.View American English definition of surprise. Ah ! Interjection words are generally used at the beginning of a sentence. © Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. – Quelle pitié ! Sorry!! For ex- Eek! Some people find this offensive. ), oops. Définition Interjection :Une interjection est un mot invariable, souvent très court, qu’on introduit dans un énoncé (un discours, une conversation) pour exprimer de man You have broken the show-piece. We came to celebrate your success! They usually cannot be modified or inflected. Ha ! Oh! exprime la joie, la douleur, l’admiration, la commisération, l’impatience. What have you done? 15) Eep! True or False Exercises/Activities on Interjections of Surprise: Determine whether the following sentences are true or false and also verify your answers with the corrections given in the end of the exercise. Interjections are divided into following 6 types on the basis of way they express greeting, joy, surprise, approval, attention and sorrow, when used in sentences. Interjections for Surprise. 6) Eek! The words that express … MCQs Exercises/Worksheets/Activities on Interjections of Surprise with Answers: Choose the appropriate Interjections of Joy for the sentences given below from the choices provided. Oh no! interjection definition: 1. an occasion when someone interrupts someone else, or the interruptions themselves: 2. a word…. 5. Oops! These include: Ha!, Hey!, What!, Oh!, Ah!, Eh!, Gosh, Wow, Whoa Etc. ... nous allons, pour les satisfaire, leur donner une définition de chacune des interjections les plus employées. Interjections of surprise are used to express surprise over an incident. His mother died! The apple is rotten. Bon Dieu ! by admin October 9, 2020 October 9, 2020. A lot of people may say ‘Oh God’ , but it offends some people. arrête de te plaindre !Bon ! Ah ! used for expressing a strong emotion such as surprise or anger. I got promoted. She writes regularly and always seeks for creativity and tries hard to polish her writing skills to make them glitter with the same shimmer that her name owns. View the pronunciation for surprise. ‘Booh’ is a scream used to surprise or scare an unsuspecting individual. You have done a mess. L'interjection.Ah ! She is versatile because she also knows stenography, is Bachelors in Music, and a Dietitian too. Examples of Interjections for Surprise: What! c'est un honnête homme !L'interjection est un mot ou une locution qui exprime un sentiment avec vivacité. 10) _________ Sorry if I hurt your sentiments!

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