this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers (Chocolate Rectangle Ice Cream Wafer, Case) In North America, an ice cream sandwich is a block of ice cream, usually vanilla although other flavors can be used, sandwiched between two cookie wafers, usually chocolate-flavored and rectangular in shape. Order it now. i have been searching for these ice cream sandwich wafers and finally found them on amazon.what a surprise. Place a scoop of your own homemade ice cream between two of these circular scalloped chocolate wafers for a classic summer treat. BoDeans Baking Group manufactures its novelty wafers in a state-of-the-art 92,000 square foot manufacturing facility built in 2006 exclusively for the production of wafers. BoDeans is the Premiere Supplier of Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers and Wholesale Ice Cream Cones to Ice Cream Brands, Ice Cream Shops, Yogurt Stands and More. love the cookies. Chocolate Scalloped Ice Cream Wafers will help you make a decorative ice cream sandwich. This does NOT contain ice cream. These specifications include: BoDeans Baking Group's manufacturing plant uses the most technologically advanced equipment to produce consistent, quality products. i just remembered the flavor when i was in school and i could buy 2 cookies for 6 cents and a square ice cream for 6 cents and have me a ice cream sandwich … 48 Slices, Vanilla Almond Dough is cut into multiple rows of wafers. Crisp Stroopwafel Waffle Cookies [European Guilt-free Dessert] 6.75 Oz. High-precision ingredient dosing and turbo-speed mixers churn 1,000 pounds of dough every five minutes. The plant has the capacity to produce more than 1.5 billion wafers … Dough is sheeted and gradually rolled through four different stages to 1/8" thickness for the cutting process. This bulk supply of Nabisco Oreo 3" ice cream wafers features a slightly larger version of the embossed, chocolate-flavored wafers that are used to make traditional Oreos. Ice cream sandwiches can be made from scratch in two ways: either by baking a batch of individual cookies (traditionally chocolate wafers) and using two to form a sandwich or by baking a giant slab wafer cookie (like we do here) to essentially make one giant ice cream sandwich … Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers in a Variety of Flavors and Fillings | BoDeans Baking. Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers. Ice Cream Inclusions Dessert Crumbs BoDeans Baking Group manufactures its novelty wafers in a state-of-the-art 92,000 square foot manufacturing facility built in 2006 exclusively for the production of wafers. This item: Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers & Cookies (Round Ice Cream Wafer, 1 LB) $11.99 ( $11.99 / 1 Pound) In stock on September 11, 2020. Chef'n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, … Excess trim is separated and placed back onto a conveyor for reprocessing. Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers & Cookies (Chocolate Wafer, 2 lb) Only from Jellybean Foods! Reliable strength, resulting in reduced waste, Consistent texture and favorable mouthfeel, Excellent taste complimenting all ice cream flavors, Chocolate – milk chocolate and dark chocolate, Customized formulations to match flavor profile. Keep them on hand in your kitchen or at dessert buffet stations to add a familiar, delectable cookie taste and crunch to any treat. Sold by Jellybean Foods and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Contact a BoDeans sales representative to discuss a filler program tailored to your needs. These chocolate wafers are firm enough to keep the ice cream … Maintenance/service programs also are available. Remember, if the seller isn't Jellybean Foods, then you're not getting a genuine item. Leave the wafer cookies whole to decorate ice cream cakes or make ice cream sandwiches… BoDeans Baking Group offers several different wafer-filling vendors providing a variety of options and flexible placement programs.

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