HP PageWide A host of applications is provided, Proliant line of servers is introduced by Compaq (later acquired Indigo Bill and Dave in the garage workshop, 1939. Collins, Colo., to explore new strategies for reducing the environmental impact of management and information embedding to come up with a range of deterrence methods Polymorphic simplicity is how HP describes its single-system Bill and Dave formalize their partnership on January 1. RISC executes instructions faster and does more systems and even operating space shuttles. HP records its first charitable donation: $5 (U.S.) to local HP Labs develops the first commercially-available light-emitting billion customers across 162 countries. presses offer technology called liquid electrophotography (LEP), which combines design, reduced cable requirements with the introduction of the first HP ProLiant than welded together in post-production. Al Bagley, head of HP’s Frequency and Time Division, with inkjet printer. Discovered in Dave’s Dave produce HP's first product, the resistance-capacitance audio oscillator, used wristwatch, calculator and personal calendar. counterfeiters by using their deep technical knowledge in image processing, color dot-matrix printers. The new LaserJets use up to 53% less energy, take Non-U.S. revenues exceed U.S. to test sound equipment. Mechanical calculator sales practically zero. World Records for the fastest time to print by an office color desktop printer. represent a significant part of HP’s test and measurement product line. serves from 1969 to 1972. apart from its peers, which could only perform four basic functions – HP invents the 524A high-speed frequency counter, greatly quality. HP enters the home computing market with the HP Pavilion emerging field of nanotechnology. On September 22, HP's board of directors appoints Meg Whitman as commitment to being a good corporate citizen. Bill rappelling on Mount Owen, California, 1930. It marks the success of HP Labs in miniaturizing inkjet technology to the emissions attributed to its first tier suppliers. the company’s annual management convention. quickly control the spread of viruses across corporate networks and reduce the than 75% of HP ink cartridges shipped contain an average of 20% recycled By making color management more HP establishes a division structure, with each product group play," it interfaces with a wide number of standard laboratory instruments, At the end of 2014 more than HP introduces the industry's first wireless mouse. coordinating international time to within a millionth of a second. HP acquires ArcSight, a security and compliance management Completion The Windows Sprout combines a 23-inch Bill retires as CEO and is succeeded by John Young. Bill Hewlett is awarded the National Medal of Science, the HP Acquires Aruba Networks, a leading provider of mobility Dave runs the HP's strategy builds on the convergence HP becomes the first major computer company to introduce a deep-space vehicles. publicly traded Fortune 50 companies. One of the HP's first computer, the HP 2116A, is introduced. (EDS), a multi- billion technology services company. The The first go-anywhere, HP Labs researchers help the U.S. government fight HP establishes a pioneering health insurance plan for all Technology reinvents printing by delivering four colors of Original HP pigment ink Mass production makes electronic calculators very cheap. From its origins in a Palo Alto garage to its current position as one of the world's leading technology to prepare movie theaters to show Fantasia. new company as having "The heart and energy of a startup with the brain and muscle

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