Advancing Your Career. Whether or not the apartment has a fire escape or nearby drainpipe. How to Prevent Home Burglary – 8 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Someone Breaking Into Your House. While your landlord probably said they changed the locks, a shocking number of lock changes are just rotating or recycling locks from other apartments. While it might make it harder to sleep, the fact that noise travels between apartments works in your favor when it comes to robberies. Focus on the condition of the apartment. Check that your windows are locked. If your apartment lacks a peephole and deadbolt, ask your landlord about installing one. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers are worried about their homes becoming a target of burglary today and are looking for ideas for home security. Follow the tried and true knowledge you’ve had since you were a kid. Secure balconies and sliding doors. And while it may seem like most home security products are marketed towards homeowners or those who rent full houses, you’d be relieved to discover the bounty of home security options that are perfect for apartments. Some interesting facts to keep in mind: Burglary is a very frequent crime. 3. By. Consider monitoring systems. Determine whether it’s easy for random people to walk in off the street, and find out if and how the apartment screens visitors. Check the apartment’s existing security measures. What floor the apartment is on. Founded in 1989, WITI (Women in Technology International) is committed to empowering innovators, inspiring future generations and building inclusive cultures, worldwide. Many apartment owners just assume their landlord’s security measures are enough to protect what they value most, yet this strategy fails a heartbreaking number of times. Strange or loud noises are highly noticeable in apartments, and being familiar with your neighbors increases the likelihood they take action if they think something’s amiss. Wireless camera systems like the Arlo don’t require modifications to the property that your landlord might not allow, and they let you keep tabs on your apartment times from your smartphone. If so, WITI is the place for you! Once you’re living in an apartment, you can follow these tips to protect yourself even more. The landlord’s insurance typically only covers them for physical damage to the building. It’s a brave new world, and advancements in technology have created new opportunities for apartment safety. 4. Who has keys to the apartment and why. Learn House Security Tips to Prevent a Burglar from Breaking into Your Home . Burglary isn’t a one-time thing: once victimized, you are 12 times more likely to have a repeat burglary. Here are numerous tips about preventing crimes against your place of residence. Build Inclusive Cultures. At the end of the day, a balcony is no different than any other entrance and a determined burglar can use it as a point of entry. Is the building generally run down? Become a WITI Member and receive exclusive access to attend our WITI members-only events, webinars, online coaching circles, find mentorship opportunities (become a mentor; find a mentor), and more! Inspire Future Generations. Invest in renters insurance. Enter your email to receive articles from leading executives, networking opportunities, industry discounts and more! Check local crime. This would, of course, depend upon: 1. Locking up properly is especially important as if a burglary occurs, insurance companies will regard an improperly unlocked apartment as gross negligence … If you’d like to consult a professional to maximize your apartment’s security, contact NCA Alarms today. The organization delivers leading edge programs and platforms for individuals and companies -- designed to empower professionals, boost competitiveness and cultivate partnerships, globally.

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