When I make a 16 inch pizza … Faster cooking gives you a softer crust. Remember that most pizza shops are cooking between 800-1000 degrees. No adjustments to the dough … Also, you can oil the bottom of the pizza before putting it onto a tray, but don't lay it out right on the rack if you want it soft. This approach leaves the interior of the crust soft, the cheese melty, and the toppings and bottom hot and … Then set the oven temperature to 275 degrees and let the pizza warm for 25 to 30 minutes. When shaping your pizza, the dough … The baking stone will cook the dough quickly so that you can take your pizza out of the oven quickly. The steam is useful only to make the dough crust dry slower (to aid dough rise) and prevent burns from high temperature. Lastly, crank your oven up all the way. It can be tempting to add more flour when kneading your dough, but in this case, sticky is good. Most home ovens will get up to 500-550. Pizza crust tastes and looks best when made from moist dough. Pizza dough isn't exactly something the novice cook can just dive into and get perfect the first go-round. All you can do is play with the heat, its' placement in the oven and foil. after taking the pizza from the oven, make sure the steam can vent off easily. I'd recommend getting a stone, but they can be expensive; upping the temperature of the oven and not putting it in until it's fully preheated would be my best tips! Then place pizza crust down & wrap, then heat in the oven on a lower heat til warmed … I usually put it on a fine steel grid for around 3 minutes just above the oven … I take & tear off a piece of foil, then dampen my fingers under the sink & "flick" a few drops onto the foil. Only add flour a tablespoon at a time, just to keep it manageable. Making your own pizza dough allows you to tweak the dough to make it how you want.

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