With the advent of the Internet, there is a much larger market for stock photos … Not many make it to rock star status, but they love what they do and enjoy earning some extra cash on the side. With the amount of … Before diving into the graphic design process of defining, selecting, and using stock photos to brand your business, let’s quickly address the basic concepts, concerns, and misconceptions about the marriage between branding and stock photography. has licensed its use to another party for commercial purposes. A stock photo is a photo in which the artist {that’s you!} But think of the positive side. Some licenses can run hundreds or thousands of dollars, primarily if the photographer taking the photo is well-known or if the photo … How to choose good stock photography (and why it matters) Connecting with other people, especially visually, is kind of our thing, as humans. Being a stock photographer is a bit like being in a band. Stock photos sell, they still do; the only thing is you have more competition to ward off than you did about ten years ago. We love seeing ourselves, our friends and other people, which is why billions of humans do … But think of the positive side. Stock photography covers every subject imaginable. You can sell a photo of virtually anything as long as there is a market for it and it is of a certain quality and size. Preface: The Truth About Brand Image and Stock Photos. By the 1980s, stock photography had become a specialty in its own right, with many photographers enjoying the flexibility of shooting stock instead of working on assignment. This has led to stock photography prices … Producing photos to sell through stock photo agencies can bring more purpose to your photography. In fact, there are various stock photos sites that will even accept smart phone photos. The downside of stock photography these days is that anyone can do it.

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