There are two types of subwoofer outputs found on most AV receivers: Subwoofer and LFE Output.Although, on the surface, both connections appear to accomplish the same thing: sending low frequencies to your subwoofer, they are not the same, and the terms are not … Connect the subwoofer's power cable to a wall outlet and switch the unit on. How to Connect a Mono Subwoofer. But once you do it all, it will be a more stable connection between these two devices. The best way to hook up a subwoofer to an amplifier with no dedicated subwoofer out is to use a "Y" splitter cable. If your subwoofer has speaker terminals then use any lighting flex to connect the subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your stereo amplifier. After you collect all the components you’ll need, now it’s time to put everything together. You only need a subwoofer cable so you can connect your receiver’s subwoofer output to the low-frequency effect input on the subwoofer. Connecting a Subwoofer to an amp with no subwoofer out Updated January 28, 2018 14:31. Connecting Using the LFE Subwoofer Output. Apart from these two methods of connecting your subwoofer to 2 channel stereo amplifiers, these is another way. First off, you need to run the power wire from the battery, through the firewall, to the amp. I'm presuming you're using a subwoofer with a built-in power amplifier. The subwoofer preamp output provides a low-level signal for the sub's amplifier, and it is not powerful enough to drive speakers on its own. How to Connect A Car Subwoofer to An Amplifier 1. This can end up to be real tricky and expensive. Powered subwoofers contain an amplifier dedicated to driving the subwoofer speaker. Hello , I'm really confused how to connect my JBL 140/230 sub to my Technics SB-EH 780 since tech request bi-wiring.. Or connect to … Other active subwoofers will have a set of four speaker terminals on the onboard amplifier plate. Lay the Power Cables. This is considered the easiest and the simplest connection since it can work with any amplifier or receiver which comes with a dedicated subwoofer output. Regardless of what brand you buy, here are some tips on connecting your new subwoofer to your amplifier or A/V receiver. If you're using passive subwoofers (raw drivers in cabinets), you do the same things below, just that when I say "feed the subwoofer," of course I mean feed the power amplifier you're using to drive that subwoofer. You can use a dedicated crossover to make the connection. Follow.

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