All Rights Reserved. “Chances are good someone somewhere will have done it and posted something about it.”. Typically, detailers will use a fine-grain sandpaper to remove a thick layer of the plastic headlight cover. But, if you did not do it properly, you’ll be spending more in the future. According to Repair Pals, the national average of a headlight bulb replacement costs $59 to $97. Labor should be about $50, while parts are close to $20 for each headlight. Googling it might be okay, too. “It really depends on the car,” says Jim Addison, owner of Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop in Denver. “You really have to replace the protective coating with another coating, such as clearcoat, in order to provide protection to the headlight surface again,” Enlow says. The replacement expenses will also vary from each location or auto dealer shops. Labor costs are estimated between $29 and $37 while parts are priced between $66 and $90. Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop will cost averagely between $250 and $700. FAQ | 7 Things Your Mechanic Wants You to Know But May Not Tell You. The replacement costs will also vary from each location or auto dealer shops. How much will cost? Headlight replacement is one of those auto fixes you can for yourself. If you’re changing the bulb yourself, read your owner’s manual for exact directions for your make and model. Not to mention, if done badly, it will show. The cost of headlight restoration is typically between $75 and $150 for both headlights, according to auto detailers. Headlights price differs from every car type and models. $209 - $236 . Replacing your headlights is not only necessary but it’s quite vital for your safety as well. It often as considered as a DIY move especially when it comes to changing light bulbs and fuses. Replacing entire headlight assembly on 2006 Honda Odyssey requires removing entire bumper cover to access bolts figure one hour a floor jack is very helpful. Addison says the average cost to replace an entire headlight assembly is $250 to $700. “Some cars have pretty good access to the bulb. $188 - $254 . According to Repair Pals, the national average is $59 to $97. Note about price: The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Headlight replacement involves with a lot of wires and circuits. Addison says the average cost to replace an entire headlight assembly is $250 to $700. LED replacement bulbs are available for not more than $50. Let a certified automotive technician restore their peak brightness and make you safer while driving in the dark. Of course, if your headlight bulb has completely gone out, it is no longer safe to drive at night or in adverse weather conditions, and you need to get the bulb changed out right away. Headlight Bulb Replacement Cost The average cost for a Toyota Prius headlight bulb replacement is between $96 and $127. $53 - $58 . Some auto dealers have their annual check-up service. $208 - $217 . Replacing headlights on a 2004 Honda Pilot YourMechanic Price $94 to $289 Labor: $80 -$90 Parts: $14 -$199 Average Dealer price $133 to 503 Average Shop price $114 to 345 Get an instant quote for your car. Mazda CX-9. The cost to replace a bulb and headlight varies greatly and is dependent on multiple factors, from the type of bulb you need to the make and model of your car. Terms of Use | Everybody is not safe when the headlights are out. When they aren’t as bright as they used to be, to the point that it’s dying, replace them as soon as you can. You can buy one and have it installed. Replacement of the headlight bulb. Visit the Solution Center to Explore Articles. Enlow advises when replacing a bulb yourself, to wear latex gloves to prevent natural oils from your hand from forming a “hot spot” on the bulb, which can cause the bulb to fail prematurely. Enlow recommends having both headlights replaced at the same time to avoid uneven light. A set of halogen replacement bulbs will cost around $15.

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