We know it is very difficult to wait when you have a brand new mattress. When you sleep on your memory foam mattress before the 24-hour recommendation, it can help the foam expand faster. Before you can move it to your bedroom, most memory foam mattresses that usually take 24 hours to decompress may still need at least two hours. Where to A Put Humidifier in the Bedroom. A memory foam mattress is made up of viscoelastic material that is sensitive to heat. The Spa Sensations 8-inch spring is If you’re lucky, your mattress may expand in as fast as 6 hours. However, most memory foam mattresses today takes 24 hours on average to fully expand. Otherwise, it’s up to you whether to sleep on your mattress directly or follow the standard process before using it.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'thesleepsavvy_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',174,'0','0'])); As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Do You Need a Bunkie Board Under a Foam Mattress? The open-celled memory foam conforms to the different shape of each person lying on its top. Use it for one week and see if it expands. For our review, we tested the Spa Sensations 8-inch Tight Top Spring Mattress. Well, that’s because it’s not yet expanded to the original size due to packaging reasons. So, how long before you can sleep on your newly bought bed? Now, can heat help expand your memory foam mattress faster? When your memory foam leaves the factory, it has been folded, machine-rolled and compressed into a … Tips for Sleeping on a Futon while Pregnant, Benefits of Traditional Japanese Futon Mattresses vs. Mattresses, How Big Are Cot Beds & Cot Bed Mattresses, Transitioning From Cot Bed to Toddler Bed. But what if you did not follow the standard procedure and sleep on your new memory foam mattress right away? Once it’s laying flat, you can remove the plastic wrap and the mattress will be ready for bedtime within minutes! This mattress was really cool I've never seen the mattresses that are rolled up and expand once there out into a twin mattress. Room temperature must be 20 degrees Celsius or higher. How to Make Loft beds and Bunk Beds More Sturdy. Waiting for 24 hours or 72 hours to allow a bed to expand is a traditional belief. The ideal room temperature to expand a mattress is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the new mattress is free from any defects, it is completely safe to sleep on it straight away. Due to increased density, a gel memory foam also provides more support to the body. Why Is My Memory Foam Mattress Not Expanding? As you lie on a memory foam mattress it molds itself with the shape of your body and when you get up the mattress uses its viscoelasticity to retain its shape. The effect of heat on memory foam doesn’t end after the expansion is complete; heat helps to keep the memory foam softer over time by reducing the viscosity of the material and increasing its fluidity. A memory foam mattress is not only known for its comfort but also for its shippability. The main difference between a gel memory foam and a regular memory foam is that the gel foam has been infused with particles of gel. Heat works by reducing viscoelasticity and increasing the fluidity of memory foam, hence spreading the mattress more quickly. The … Off-gassing is not usually dangerous for healthy people but it can be unpleasant and cause discomfort to people with asthma. Offering an assortment of memory foam and spring mattresses of varying sizes, the company competes with other budget mattress brands like Lucid, Classic Brands, and Bloom. The amount of time for memory foam products to expand may depend on other factors, which will be discussed next. When the mattress is cramped so that it neatly fits the box, foam pockets are formed. The first thing you want to do is to see how it feels to lie down on it. How to Install a Mattress Topper – Does a Mattress Pad Go Over a Topper? If your room is not very warm you can make it warmer by switching on a room heater. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thesleepsavvy_com-box-2','ezslot_4',176,'0','0']));Want to find out how long does it take for memory foam mattress to expand? It takes 24 hours for memory foam mattress toppers to expand 100%. Once the mattress is completely expanded you can see whether or not the product has defects. Your mattress will need 24-48 hours to fully expand and air out. TheSleepSavvy.com is not a substitute for medical guidance and does not provide expert advice. The real answer is not that simple. It speeds up the expansion through body heat, which makes the foam mattress more pliable.

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