Mode 4 – F Dorian #11 – F G Ab B C D Eb Mode 6 – Ab Lydian #9 – Ab B C D Eb F G I studied double bass at music college but still struggle with the minor modes. This mode is the sixth degree of the harmonic minor great for bass lines over minor … Mode 5 – G Phrygian Dominant – G Ab B C D Eb F Now, look at these harmonic minor scales in the bass clef. 3 Scale Patterns To Transform Your Bass Playing. Mode 5 – G Phrygian Dominant – G Major – G7 Seventh Chord Arpeggios For Bass – The Ultimate Guide! Harmonic Minor Modes. Due to all of the chord tones in them, pentatonic scales are great in basslines. To do this, we simply start each mode from a different degree of the harmonic minor scale and keep the same notes. Mode 2 – D Locrian Natural 6 – D Diminished – Dm7b5 Mode 3 – Eb Ionian Augmented – Eb Augmented – Eb Maj7#5 Harmonic minor scale modes; Modes of the melodic minor scale; Harmonic Major scale … ***Also see Major Modes and Arpeggio Inversions ***. A good place to start is to learn the chords of the harmonic minor key first. Mode 1 - Harmonic Minor. FREE Ebook Downloads, Practice Tracks, Drum Tracks and MUCH MORE! Notes on two Harmonic minor diminished modes. Please consider supporting my work by buying a track or an album. Mode 4 – F Dorian #11 – F Minor – Fm7 Talkingbass Practice Room. This is why pentatonic scales are so popular—they're nearly all chord tones! Triad Inversions For Bass – What They Are & How To Use Them! – The Fingerstyle Funk Bass Of Rocco Prestia (tabs and tutorial). Bass tablature for Fingerings for modes of the harmonic minor scale by Bass Lessons. The harmonic minor scale is exactly the same as the natural minor scale except the 7th is raised to make it major instead of minor. Awesome thanks for this. I’ve been working on using the 7 modes of Harmonic Major over various chords as alternate scale choices. Again, like the major scale, we can learn a specific scale pattern for each mode. It can be difficult to understand how to apply and use modes in real situations, especially if you try to learn them all at once. I had never given so much attention to the modes of the minor harmonic scale. Harmonic & Melodic Minor Modes & Arpeggios were fairly difficult to find for bass so I put these charts together some time ago. This helped me a great deal to understand musical terms and relate them to the instrument.bass Thanks, Hey Mark fantastic video as usual best online lessons also purchased your walking basslines course which I’m working on right now and getting a lot out of it, keep up the good work. (Mode is simply a fancy word for scale.) Please enjoy and share them freely. The minor pentatonic scale (R-b3-4-5-b7) contains the chord tones of the minor triad (R-b3-5) or the complete minor 7th chord (R-b3-5-b7) and adds only the 4th or b7th of the minor scale. Mode 6 – Ab Lydian #9 – Ab Major – Ab Maj7 So there you have it, all 7 modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale, and you can play them in any key, just start on the note you want and play the correct intervals!! Pentatonic Bass Runs Over The ENTIRE Fretboard (Lesson & Tab). Less Then 1% Of Players Will Play This Simple Exercise On First Attempt, Top 5 Awesome Beatles Bass Riffs (Tabs and Tutorial), 3 Killer Tips For Better Walking Bass Skills, How To Play The Van Halen Mean Street Intro… ON BASS! Harmonic Major modes over 2-5-1 in Minor. The modes of C harmonic minor look like this: Mode 1 – C Harmonic Minor – C D Eb F G Ab B For example, a chord made of a Root, minor 3rd, 5th and minor 7th will fit the fourth mode. Both ii-7 and the V7 in the example use the 2nd and 5th mode of harmonic major.

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