You’ll learn that two knights need to go to Typhoon Tower in order to make the toxic rain stop. Investigate the statue and break it. Climb up the vine. (I forgot to check but it’s around 300 I think) Recommended Level: 19 Go left and camp. Leen and Mulen shall enter too. He’ll put you in the exit elevator. From the save point, follow the path keeping a northern bearing. When you’re out of SP, wail on him with ice magic. BOSS: GENERAL BAAL —– Take the right entrance and you’ll be in Steamer Passageway 2. Red is where you come from, yellow where you have to go, and blue is a treasure chest. He does 0 damage no matter what. You can talk to Lilly the next morning to save your game. —– BOSS: BAAL (BODY, TENTACLE) HP: 6000/7000 STRATEGY: Use range attacks and ones that affect all enemies. Go up the risen staircase. —– The type of dongeon usually called useless. Oh boy, a whole slew of enemies have a craving for adventurer stew. Go in the opening in the floor on the west side. Turn the next wheel. Well that’s where you have to go. Leen will understand that there’s an other way of defeating Gaia. —– The strange Mogay salesman puts the guys up for a night (for a small fee of course). When that ends, take the one next to it, and so on until you see the save point. Return across the intersecting pedestals and pass the save point. Continue into the rotunda room with a lever. Talk to Lilly during the eating a few times to hear a cool pirate story. You continue, going up and down the stairs. Too bad that mermaid screwed up all the atmosphere ( stupid mermaid !8( After talking to the beautiful mermaid, you’ll arrive at the final dongeon of Disc 1. Go south then east and look out for monsters dropping out of the tall flowers. —– When you’re left alone with the king, use Sue’s Pufy Kick attack and Justin’s V-slash. This path is really easy and only diverts for locations with treasures. The path is easy to see and shouldn’t need an explanation. Proceed there (it’s the gate by the save point). Go back to the sailor’s quarters and speak to the man to rest. HP: 1500/1500 8) So Jutin will head to Vanishing Hill and say good boy to Sue ( Finally !!! —– Enter Ren’s house and spend the night by talking to his mother. Go talk to the villager who ownes a boat and he’ll take you to the Twin Towers. Cross the newly uncovered path on the water. She’s back ! Items: 7 Gold Pouches, Bao Fruit, Weak Weed. Follow that around and you’ll see another clearing. Watch the cut scene with Sue. Go back to the house and open the chest to get your reward. Now hop down the hole and chase the freaking psycho : Baal ! The way is the same as before. Talk to the man and find out your “mission”: to scrub the deck. —– The enemies are pretty annoying here, so use your Dragon Cut to exterminate them in one shot. After a conversation about adventurers, Java offers the Steamer Pass in exchange for the clearing out of a dungeon in his backyard, the Leck Mines. With Feena, you should have all your spells and the first Icarian Power (World End). I read about Grandia in a review, and it only got a 1-star rating out of 5 as Grandia was deemed the most clichematic game, with bad gameplay crappy story and so on. Exit and appear next to J Base, where you’ll have the chance to admire Gaia’s final transformation. Yes, Sue !! Items: 4 Gold Pouches, Shell Shield, Iron Mace, Mana Egg. Walk back up the hill, go near the edge and fall down. STRATEGY: Use range attacks then ones that hit all enemies. He’s playing his flute and having a good old time, so talk to him and see what’s up. The player should just unleash Justin's strongest attacks and magic, Baal's low VIT should make this fight easier. Recommended Level: 4 Go upstairs and talk to the first sailor. Now work your way in color tunnel. When you wake up, Gadwin will freak out seeing the rain. Head back down and up the other staircase. Follow the wood around to the doorway, go in. See also: Baal Baal is a boss from Grandia. When you get on the Grandeur, save your game. Cross the bridge and save the little bratt and his mother from more Horns. Go in front of the office and pick the second choice. The only place to go is the Savanna. —– Go down the hole on the right. Even if ya have to face 10000 guards ? Come out of Feena’s house the next morning to find her taking in the breeze. Climb the rope and save & recover. Follow it to the cliff outside. —– —– Recommended Level: 11 At the save point, there’s an other Gaia Battler. Continue a bit until Mulen appears with only a hundread guards. Ambush by the Garlyle Forces! , Recommended Level: 18 Go in the door and press the lever at the end. Enter it and get caught “stealing”. Items: 15 Gold Pouches, Speed Seed, Vacuum Scroll, Spell Break, Magic Block Charm, Revival, Death Charm, Forest Charm, Power Seed, Move Break, Angel’s Darts. Just when you think you’ve got her back, the stooge ambushes you. Prtty emoving. Don’t mind about the monsters and you should reach the elevator to Alent. Now, time to face Baal. Find him outside talking with the elder. . Ones with ranges are the ones you should choose. Talk to him a total of four times. Numero tres. To leave the tower after the not-so-peaceful event, take a direct south path. BOSS: GRINWHALE, LURE Strategy: Kill the Mega Gaia before they create tantacles who have abround 1500 each. A pitiful reward is yours, but it was worth it for the experience of being a janitor, eh? STRATEGY: Take the privates out first with attacks that hit range or all enemies. Ok, ready to crush Garlyle forever ? The best is to do them when your final party is done. At the path break take the southern route then southern again at the next one. BOSS: Mage King / Wand The big flowers you’ll see are cannons that will shoot you to various parts of the forest. ), Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Iron Clog, Salmon, 2 Primeribs, Power Seed, Defense Fruit, Mana Egg, Warp Staff, Wolf Boots. Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Miracle, Speed Seed, 2 Blue Pills, Holy Mace, Dynamite, Herbs, Strength Seed, Jade, Resu. Get off the train, leave the station. Recommended Level: 12 —– Find the mana egg. Recommended Level: 35 GRANDIA HD Remaster – Full Game Walkthrough, Unavowed - Case 1 - East Village Walkthrough, Unavowed – Case 2 - The Bronx Walkthrough, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch Cheats, WoW Classic - How to Get Bear Form (Druid), WoW Classic – Alliance & Horde Bear Form Quest. Leen will come to protect your party then leave the ruins on the Lyanlot which will land on the Field Base. After all that, he gives you the Steamer Pass and fills you in that adventurers have to be alone (no Sue). Talk to them all and head upstairs. BOSS: SAKI, 3 PRIVATES Go to the inn and meet the unforgetable Guido. He can heal himself with AlHealer. Feena will wake up with Mulen. Go foward and hit the three tantacles to open that path. After she leaves, go outside to see what’s up. —– BOSS: BAAL (BODY, TENTACLE) HP: 6000/7000 STRATEGY: Use range attacks and ones that affect all enemies. Head foward from the save point and fight the first Gaia Boss. Go ahead on the path that is now cleared into the magic room. Go south at the next break. After the scene, head back and jump down the clift. Items: 5 Gold Pouches, Mana Egg, Earrings. Back in Luc, take the east exit into the Misty Forest. STRATEGY: Range attacks work really well especially Justin’s new Dragon Cut if you have it. HP: 486/800/516/600/1071 In the first area, you need to go through the door in the extreme southwest of the map, then go to the building to the north of where you reappear in order to reach Area 2. After Rapp shows you his incredible knowledge of the computers, head to the passage way that can be accessed by the control room. Turn around and they’ll run back into the bushes. Continue around and exit the area. BOSS: TREANT (BODY, ARM, FLOWER) STRATEGY: Use attacks that affect all the enemies or ranges. Around Area 2 or 3, you’ll face Gadwin, best knight of Dight. Now use magics on all the 6 or 7 monsters and level up all your magics in 2 to 3 shots ! Proceed in. Now return to Dight Village. Recommended Level: 14 Hit the button. The doorway at the end leads to your second fight with General Baal. A short cinematic scene with the plying bird there. The next day, scrub again and rest. He’ll catapult you on the volcano. He’ll fuse with Gaia and start his new Reign of Terror. Use all your best techs, including Heaven & Earth Cut. Head for the Control Room and talk to Mullen. Run across the wood planks to the end. Talk to her twice and to the captain twice choosing the second choice.

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