Can i have this menu on my plan for Day 6? ). fish or chicken is great. Hope this helps. I followed it properly with only 1 cheat ( Tea on day 2). I always losing 4-5 kg with little bit cheating of chicken cube I was adding in wonder soup ( this time I didnt take soup). Great post and I totally agree here. Hello i walked and ran together about 3 1/2 miles but today as i weight myself i am giving up because i am back on the weight that i started. sorry..i dont understand what you mean :/, if i dont have meat, how much rice and egg per serving. This menu plan is so far off base. check beef if it is tender than its ready to serve That is how it was written and has been proven to work. When it says meat go here and look for your vegetarian replacement. Is it alright or sud I add few more things? yes, just 1, then do other fruits. have lost 3 kgs of wt. throughout the diet? Sorru On day 5 – i ate one boiled egg also, Eating stewed veggies as after eating chkn last nite was feeling very heavy on the stomach. Anyway, wish me luck for the remaining 2 days :):). Well, if you cannot for example find bananas, eat some other fruit, something, you cannot go to low calorie or carb here, you have to eat. On day 7, will have rice with veges along with fruit juice and soup may b. Day-6 & I have lost 3.3 Kgs (7.25 Lbs). Paneer may be eaten by dinner with tomatoes. can canned button mushrooms be eaten as veg, sauteed in garlic and olive oil? On 6th and 7th day – Big bowl of fruits ( water melon, musk melon, grapes, pomegranate) Sorry, had guests at home and just couldn’t give time to this in advance… I will surely plan n prepare better and send queries well in time in the next stint, after 15 days You can keep going, however I would only eat bread if you want to gain weight. You cannot workout on this plan like that, you have no protein to help with torn down muscles until day 5. I want to rectify it in future if the amount of brown rice intake is wrong.Please Help…. yes 3 full eggs per meal. i am bit cofused as to what to eat on day 5, 6 nd 7, since i am a vegetarian, I have come up with this plan and need your help: Breakfast : omellete made of 2 eggs, ( in half tea spoon of ghee) Evng Snacks: 2 bowls of tomato soup & stir fried vegetables(mushroom, onions, bell pepper, tomatoes) Dinner: Grilled chicken with cucumber. Thanks for ur immediate replies, your actual weight is when you wake, after you go to the bathroom before you eat or drink a thing…, Sorry to ask I don’t get bathroom so early so dose this interfere in my weighing .I wake brush and weigh, sure it can, most people have to relieve themselves upon awakening, either way no big deal, I would say yes it can affect it so always note your true weight is likely a pound or so less that what you see, Thank u so much for answering all my questions. He likes juices and can drink milk and eat 3-4 eggs easily. Sorry…, hello i followed your gm diet plan and i am on the sixth day . can you please explan me the diet on 5,6& 7 th day. We heard the 10am mass at St. Pio of Pietrelcina Center in Libis, Quezon City. I’m on day 4th and I just lost about 1kg. Well you have your answer, you drink a pure sugar drink 10 times a day, it’s a great way to gain weight. great assuming the oil is a good fat not a junk veg oil like canola oil, sunflower oil, etc, Day 5 I had 2 small cutlets of daal + beef , and one egg omelet w tomato and onion cooked in extra virgin olive oil, Lunch beef+onion mix cutlets boiled then fried in one spoon olive oil with one big tomato and cucumber, Dinner i have only one cutlet chicken + potato with one tomato around 11;30 pm I felt hungry then I took veg-meet soup which is cooked with, onion, carrot cauliflower + beef soup one medium bowl. Please keep going, hopefully all will be OK. Hi Kevin, and can I have one boiled egg instead of beef as a snack? m doing 2 night n 2 off shift….is it okk to follow this diet while doing night shift…plz reply…n wat to eat during night time? Day 1: fine 1 bowl of raw cabbage wid salt n pepper and wtr for mrn snack No decrease anywhere….. Any suggestions what is wrong and what was supposed to be done instead. I did not say eat that protein yet chose your own. well there ya go, you are weighing food – water, bodily waste, etc. Dinner: If you feel tired, you can have a vegetable soup and a tasty hamburger made with beef or chicken. You cannot have pineapple juice, it’s like drinking a glass of sugar. Eat as much as you want on Days 1, 2 and 3. Break Fast – 1 cup of red Kidney beans(Rajhma) cooked in very small amount of Gingelly Oil with onion,with chilli and turmeric powder and 2 raw Tomatoes. Coconut oil has weight loss and healing properties, also does not have to be processed by the liver like other oils. You cannot tear muscle down without something to build it up. Have lost around 3 kgs so far., and i am happy about it. Energy level- lethargic, weak body and numb mind McDonald’s then takes it to a a whole new level of bad. is it ok? Drinking a sugar drink is not healthy and affects your blood sugar, etc. Blend all your favorite vegetables into a puree and add them to the pot along with beef/chicken slices. dinner: same as lunch, Day 3: 10 glasses water Y so? can I even have coconut wtr evryday during my diet. Please let me know how much weight one should loose till Day 5 and how much weight one may expect to loose in another 2 days. Evng Snacks: 2 Bananas can I replace rice wid wheat chapatii look at the top 2 posts or read the link I sent last time. Lunch :: 3 chappati, vegetable, soup/buttermilk, Snacks: Tea and Marie gold biscuits, Dinner :: MIlk or oats, Kindly suggest if it is proper to not to regain weight? 2. I'm starting day 6 and I'm down 5 lbs! so can I have dat milk..?? I drink up to 10 cups of tea (200 ml each cup). plzzz u temme abt it.. n 2day is my third day.. Hang in there, keep going…. Was this alright . thanks, no, sorry… you will end up with too much oil…. CONGRATS! I hate raw tomatoes .so i made my own beef tomatoes soup recipees . even felt like vomiting. perhaps could you have an egg allergy issue? weight loss varies per person and how well you follow the plan, I finished by 7 day GM diet. Lost around 8 pounds. coconut water works. As your body is already in an auto-mode of losing the extra fat through increased metabolic processes, all you need to give your body some protein and fiber. some black pepper No fruit on day 6, sorry. Dinner may be served with vegetable soup and a hamburger (MEAT ONLY!!! B’fast: Papaya Lunch I had chicken in tomato gravy – 4 small sweet potatoes it upto u though.. sure, use the contact form here evng snack:- banana shake wid 1 n hlf banana and milk 250ml I feel that I’ve lost quite a lot of weight! Today is my day 6, already lost 3 kilos, I’m stable on this weight, but my shape is becoming sexier and I’m happy, I’m able to wear my old clothes back! well you should not have had melon, it’s not a veg, full of fructose, bad move. – 1 Liter water until 2pm. I didn’t lose a pound and abandoned the diet on Day 5. well of course you gained weight in the evening, you have food and water in you. Day 7 – Am i supposed to have only one meal ( 1 glass of juice, 1 bowl of rice and 1 fruit ? I said good carbs, not bad carbs. WOW, that’s shocking actually. More glasses of water -more more- bec i m feeling so thirsty on that day, Everyday i will go for walking upto 30 to 50 mins, On day 4 i weighed – i m 56 Hi ….. NOTE:-quantity of fish or chckn, and quantity of rice.. 7TH DAY However keep this in mind if you can ever get off night shift, your circadian rhythms are messed up working late, so beware, this can really affect your weight and ability to lose it in the future. Apart from this you should also push your body to pursue lively activities or exercises, as this is the exact point where you need to test whether the diet has made any improvements to your immune system or not. Dinner : Soya Paneer fried in ghee alongwith vegetables. Good luck all. As its also a source of protein. you can do a few different things including chicken or fish. ”WHEN are you weighing? So you need to find your carb tolerance. This pulao can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. on day 5 – in full day how much cottage cheese i should consume ? No, well you can have bread if you want to gain weight. Chicken I cant eat breast pc as its hard and my stomach cant resolve I can eat only drum stick or softer portion. Hello! Please suggest me. Now I will change it Substitutes for beef are chicken and soy products. Rest looks good. and can i have rice with eggs? Day 6 I had mixed soup for breakfast lunch and dinner : 1 bowl of rice + mix veggies OR 1 bowl of rice + dal OR 1 bowl of rice + sprouts sabji

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