The ground beneath our feet. offers directory information centered around Geotechnical Engineers across Canada. Engineering a Stable Future. Founded in 1985, Geotech Engineering and Testing (GET) is a multi-disciplined organization of registered engineers, geologist, field and laboratory technicians, and clerical personnel who combine their technical capabilities, past experience, dedication, and enthusiasm to offer the finest service through integrated team effort. Alpha-Omega Geotech is a seasoned engineering group with expertise specific to the Kansas City area. For more information about Geotech Engineering and Testing, or to discuss a specific project , please send an email or contact us at Geotech Engineering and Testing 17407 US Highway 59 Houston, Texas 77396 Telephone: (713) 699-4000 Fax: (713) 699-9200 Practiced soil mechanics in the Lone Star State for fourteen years following under-graduate studies at North Carolina State University (BS Civil Engineering, 1977) and post-graduate studies at the University of Texas (MS Geotechnical Engineering, 1985, hence GeoTEX)! Geotechnical Engineers business listings. Discover the best Geotechnical Engineers near you with Yellow Pages’ complete local business directory. Our projects range in size and complexity from large infrastructure development projects to small challenging assignments. The foundation upon which we build our dreams and settle in to the structures that support our family and communities. Geotechnical Engineers near me; Geotechnical Engineers near you. Central Earth Engineering was founded in 2017 to provide geotechnical and construction materials testing and inspection services. Calgeotech Engineering Consultants, Inc. 3329 Pine Valley Rd. The little corner of the planet upon which we stake our claim and put our roots down. GESTRA was founded in 2000 to provide Government Agencies, Municipalities, Engineers, Architects, and Contractors with high quality and cost efficient engineering services. Florida Geotechnical Engineering is a Florida-licensed and insured professional engineering and geological firm that has specialized in providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to their clients issues for nearly 20 years. Central Earth Engineering is located in … GEOTECH ENGINEERING & TESTING. We partner with owners, architects, commercial developers, general contractors, and civil and utility engineers to expose what’s lurking under project sites.

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